916 Years Later: Chapter Three: Another Friend

     Time had passed, months had gone by. I continued my lessons with the young woman after her and I both had completed our daily chores. We had become good friends, but I still did not entertain the idea of courtship. She had suitors, all of which she chased away herself. She was very fiery, disagreeable, and stubborn, which was very looked down on upon a woman's personality. I could not understand why she was so friendly to me, but any man who found interest in her was chased away by this short, gentle looking woman. Perhaps she liked me in more than a friendly way, and often suggested that I should find a tall woman to marry. She often reminded me that I would be an awful court, due to me often unmoving personality. I reminded her many times that I did not seek courtship or marriage, but that I was going to become a priest or friar. She often responded that I was too nice to tell everyone that they were going to hell. I smiled whenever she said this. She often did not call me by name, but by the name Michael, because I reminded her of Saint Michael, the name sake of the church we met at. Her father soon had become uncomfortable with visiting her so often, telling her our lessons had to stop, and we were not to see each other outside of church. I obeyed her father, much to my lament, for she was a very close friend to me, and I missed her company, but there was nothing I could do but accept it.

      Her lessons made me much more confident, even to the point where I could talk comfortably to others. I had met a man slightly younger than me that I had become acquainted with. He was shorter than me, rising only below my jaw. He had black hair that he often tied back short.  He kept his facial hair fairly trimmed. He was muscular, and very strong.  Under a prominent broken nose he had a very subtle scar. He had acquired both in a fist fight the previous year. One could mistake him for nobility if it was not for the layer of dirt and his shabby clothes. We often discussed topics of Religion, debating sermons and verses of scripture. This man also became my friend and would often help my mother and me with our small farm when he could. If we did not argue scripture, we would often drink his family's home brewed ale in excess. He would often confess his love of a woman in town after losing his good senses, which I often ridiculed him for. Stating he spent his time telling me about it instead of telling her. After one day of working with him and my mother, he told me of a party somewhere close to town that most of the town's young adults would be there, including the woman he often told me about. He asked me if I would go with him, to which I tried to decline, until I realized he was not truly asking.

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May 19, 2012