The Golden Spoon Or The Silver Spoon

This is the sequel to my previous story, where when we are born - we are born with say 100 positive points and some negative points ( say 100 again )

So, all along when we crash or bump into others - our negative points or ratings goes up too.
When the expiration is up, the total is tallied and then someone out there decides how we have to born on this earth ?

Every living thing has this ability to breathe and/or has a heart ? it could be a wild animal (tiger/leopard/elephant) , domesticated animal (cow/horse/sheep) or human beings or living things like a tree/plant and things like that.

I think that's why when we are re-born - and we end up with a golden spoon, silver spoon, plastic spoon and some worse - none.

Karma - could mean both good and bad points that we inherited and earned during the lifetime.

If the inherited bad Karma is a 1000, and we were given 100 to begin with , then no matter how good one does - unless he can dissove the 900, he is not going anywhere. That's where I'd see the homeless, and some commiting even grave mistakes - and thereby increasing their negative points or karma.

The next question is: where are we going to be reborn - check my next sequel.
woodland27 woodland27
41-45, M
Jul 1, 2012