I Must Admit That I Am a Believer, Too...

I also believe in reincarnation.  We are put here to learn, and with each lesson, we better ourselves.  I also believe that we choose to be here and with whom we experience life.  As far as innocent people suffering, I believe these souls chose to endure their suffering before birth.  For example, a soul may be born into a mentally retarded body, because the soul is advanced and elected to do this.  The parents, or caregivers, may have needed to learn a particular lesson as part of their development.  Perhaps there was no other way for these individuals to learn such lessons.  Think about it...a person must develop a lot of patience when faced with providing care for such an individual.  If any of this conflicts with your Biblical understanding, remember that the Catholics extracted many gnostic writings from the Bible, including those that regarded reincarnation.
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so true

you hit the nail on the head here.

There's so much mystery. I believe it happens so we can grow as souls, which we never want to stop doing. So, we are drawn to circumstances that can teach us (if we so choose to learn), and help us move forward spiritually. The thing is that forward spiritually often APPEARS backwards and vice versa. There is way more happening underneath the surface and all we can see is a tiny tip of the proverbial iceburg.

I agree luckygurl777, if we are very evolved ofcourse we would come back as someone who has major disabilites. Not to punish our parents but for lessons for all who come in contact. If you loved someone and wanted them to evolve too of course you would choose them as your parents. I believe the harder and more unjust life is the more we are taking on harder lessons. We would want to take those lessons on if we want to evolve more in each life. It would be like kindergarten to have the easy cushy life. <br />
People who are seduced by the material things in life are young souls!

Some people may believe it is punishment, others may view it as extra credit after fullfilling all of your obligations. It does not have to be viewed as either good or bad. These are just lessons learned in the journey of perfection of the soul and becoming closer to the reflection of God's image. If one lives 1,000 times, a single episode of living in a handicapped body will seem insignificant overall.

You are fully right with those caregivers that need lesson, but why should a good soul, advanced, born into a mentally retarded body? To make the God's rules perfect, I think, that those lessons should be mutual. To be born into a handicapped body might be a kind of punishment, not a choice. And thus both of the parties will ge a lessons. Good people will not need lessons (or better not that hard lessons as those who are not that good). They will be born into good families and both, e.g., children and parents will only get an award for their goodness. Why punishment?