Strange Adventures From Beyond...

Three things come to mind:
- once I was crossing a street at an intersection, it was not really a street, it was a parking lot and people were supposed to slow down and look for cars passing by. Well, I was going to cross it when I felt this warmth in my whole body, I stopped and this pick-up truck darted out, that probably saved my life or injuries.
- When my father died in 1996, within about 2 weeks I had a dream that he was talking to me, his voice sounded like a phone call from very far away, I could hardly hear. He was saying something and I kept saying, I don't understand, then I said I did understand, but when I woke up, I realized I had not understood. To this day I am not sure what he was trying to tell me.
- I had heard a story about this man whose boat capsized and he was in danger of drowning. A ship passed by and someone said, let me help you and the man said, no, I am fine, God will help me. A second ship, same thing and then a third one, each time same answer, God will help me. The man drowned and later he asked God, why didn't you help me? and God said, I sent you 3 ships to help you.
Well, one day, I was in another state where I had moved thinking things were going to be better, but they were not, I was not doing well, not able to find work, pretty miserable. I came in from another room and I saw this cartoon on TV and at the moment I looked, there were 3 ships side my side, freaked me out! but I remembered the story...and I moved back to my original state!
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