Are Dreams Evidence Of Reincarnation?

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I am new to this forum and not saying that I am a firm believer in past lives, just going on a hunch and seeking thoughts of others. I have had dreams with such details that cant really be explained away, unless I attribute it to an overactive imagination. In one dream (that I had as a kid) I was in a dark living room lit only by a tv that was just static. I was laying on a couch and suddenly fell off and rolled onto my back on the floor, paralyzed though I could still see and hear. I *distinctly* remember an odd shaped stain on the ceiling. I blacked out and woke up. Inanother dream, I was in a large body of water, not swimming, but not struggling..just letting go and at the point of not breathing anymore, just in a calm daze. The last thing I saw before bblacking out was a flash of yellow far above, an ovalish shape like for when you go white water rafting. But the water was too calm for that so maybe a rescue attempt. I saw the ripply inage of a man far above peering into the water and a paddle, then blacked out and woke up. You get the idea. So in these dreams is it showing how I died before? Why are the sights sounds emotions all there? I also sometimes have dreams where I do not recognize the person but I love them very much, and there was one dream where I was obviously with my family but of course Ive no idea who they are. I am not saying all dreams are contenders because many have images from my life now. But sometimes. Please share thoughts that help me process this.
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"Both you and I have passed through many births; You know them not, I know them all."—Bhagavad Gita.

Well, I'm not sure if you believe in the paranormal, but, I come from a long line of psychics. My grandmother was able to read tarot cards, palms, have out of body experiences and even visit my dreams. One night she called to talk and asked how my book was. I asked her how she knew I was reading and she told me she had an out of body experience - she told me the name of the book, what page I was on and everything. With this being said, I used to dream a lot when I was younger. All of my dreams would come true. I could predict the future before it happened, which was frightening as a child. Since I've gotten older, I still dream, but now it seems like my dreams are in riddles. Before my grandma passed away last year, I asked her about them. She told me that dreams are signs from spirits, from God and from ourselves. They can tell you about the future, the past and present problems. So, I would think that you could be dreaming about past lives. The only thing is, is that most of the people that dream about past lives have the same re-occuring dream or dream of the same concepts each time. It sounds like your dreams are all different. My advice to you is to keep a dream journal. Every morning when you wake up, write down your dreams and all the details of each. It's very helpful in trying to figure out your dreams. You can google the meanings of things in your dreams, or check out a book at the library that decodes certian things - like water. For example, crystal clear calm water is a sign of goodluck. Choppy foggy water is a sign of misfortune. I dream about animals a lot and they all have a different meaning. After a month or two, I would go back and anaylze your dreams that you've had, and see if there's a connection or a pattern to help you better understand what you're meant to be dreaming about. I hope this helped you!