Lesson Of A Friend

I remember a life...one as a general of one of my feuding brother's small armies. I cannot positively tell you the time nor place. But it seemed like Rome of Greece, one of the two most likely. I met my friend when he was a new recruit. He was the kind of person that was always smiling and thought of others first. But I was the type of person that never smiled, just did what had to be done and listened to my brother with little to no question. My friend was the only one other than my brother to not fear me, and to speak to me like a human being. One day...we went into battle once more...and he was injured on the battlefield...I took him to a safe place...but I couldn't do anything to help him...the last thing I remember of him...was his kind smile and his words..."Keep fighting...never give up..." (that's how my brain deciphered it anyway) he taught me the lesson of a friend...happiness and joy...and the pain of losing someone that gave you light in a world of blood and pain.  I wish I remembered his name...I miss him so
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how do you remember? i have a few memories that i think might be from a previous life but i dont know.

Meditation and sometimes it takes a few repetitive dreams. But the meditations helped me more than anything