I Have Always Been Intrigued By Reincarnation

When I was Christian I abhorred it, however, and ridiculed it. But a few years back (after I left religion) I was intrigued by it again and I paid a psychic to tell me if I had any past lives. Well, she said I had many. One in particular was my life as a leader named Henry in the Roman empire. Evidently I was killed. Much jealousy from other people follows me through to my other lives (which I have felt growing up, until recently, anyway). Then she said I was a Greek god in one of my past lives. I was shocked and confused. Then she said "Or goddess." I was even more confused and so I asked which one and she confirmed I was a Greek god in a past life. I really liked that because I have always felt a connection to the ancient Greek myths since I was a small boy and my chest always got incredibly warm as I read about these deities. I looked at her picture of Jesus on the wall and I didn't understand that if she believed in this god Jesus how could this even be possible that there were ancient deities, both male and female, and so I asked her how that was even possible, since I thought Jesus and God were what was the way things are today. She told me that it didn't matter about the way things are today because things were different back then. I never really understood that. She wanted me to wear crystals to ward off jealousy and trust everything she did and I guess I really wasn't ready for that. I never really went back. Anyway, all in all, though, I feel she was just telling me what I wanted to hear somehow. Did I mention anything about Greek gods to her in conversation? I don't think I had. Anyway, I've never really felt I've had any past lives or have even remotely remembered anything from a past life, if I have had them. My question is, How can I know? She also said besides having many that this is my last one, but I could come back one more time if I wanted to. The thing is, I've always felt like an old soul and had talents at a young age that most kids didn't have and learned faster than most. I also have keen perception and can read anyone's character upon instantly meeting them. Those few I can't usually commit suicide within the month, which has happened three times. Yeesh, that sounds so wierd mentioning that. Anyway, anyone?
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There is a connection between Greek Gods and Goddesses and the Deities of India. The stories are all interconnected. Every culture has its ancient myths and they all have similar stories. The general story goes that at one time there was paradise on earth, and human beings were Gods and Goddesses, radiating pure love. Then something happened, (Pandora's box story or the temptation in the Adam and Eve story, or Sita being captured by Ravan and being taken away to Lanka.) It is the story of the Fall into sin and impurity. It is the story of how desire made us go outside of ourselves to lose our innate purity, peace and happiness. The Gods and Goddesses were not the one incorporeal God, but were human beings living on earth with the qualities of God, in our most elevated highest purest state. Now human beings are not like that at all. Now human beings are in their lowest most impure state. But it is now the God comes to teach us and give us elevated directions to take us back to that highest state. This is the time to reconnect with God.

To learn more about this you can check out the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organization. It's amazing!! You can study this knowledge in almost every country in the world. It is called Raja yoga mediation and is taught by the Brahma Kumaris.