I Believe In Reincarnation And Have Visited Past Lives.

I was honored to be with my grandmother a few days before she died. And while I was with her, I experienced her "talking with her friends". My grandmother was the sharpest lady I ever know. During the time that I was with her, she was so much at peace. She would ask me if I could see her friends and I couldn't. But I could feel them. I honestly believe there were spirits there to help her to the other side. Every since then, I have no fear of death. I know there is another side.

Later I started reading everything I could about death, dying and afterlife. Then I started reading a lot about reincarnation. And it made total sense to me. I later started to research past life regression and I now believe that we come back again and again. I think before each life we decide what we want to experience in the next life. I think each life is a learning experience. And when life is hard for me I remind myself that I chose this experience.

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"Both you and I have passed through many births; You know them not, I know them all."—Bhagavad Gita.

I believe in pre-birth planning as well. One of the lessons I chose to learn in this lifetime is forgiveness.

I believe this is well. I think we sort of chart what we want to learn or experience in this lifetime.