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I Believe In Reincarnation And Have Visited Past Lives.

I was honored to be with my grandmother a few days before she died. And while I was with her, I experienced her "talking with her friends". My grandmother was the sharpest lady I ever know. During the time that I was with her, she was so much at peace. She would ask me if I could see her friends and I couldn't. But I could feel them. I honestly believe there were spirits there to help her to the other side. Every since then, I have no fear of death. I know there is another side.

Later I started reading everything I could about death, dying and afterlife. Then I started reading a lot about reincarnation. And it made total sense to me. I later started to research past life regression and I now believe that we come back again and again. I think before each life we decide what we want to experience in the next life. I think each life is a learning experience. And when life is hard for me I remind myself that I chose this experience.

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You might want to read about reincarnation and Buddhism! I grew up in Asia and followed my grandma to the Buddhist temple every week. I learned about Buddhism from the word of mouth, i.e. straight from the head monk at that temple. What I remembered: reincarnation is a part of the life cycle. You do not remember what/who you were during your previous life. In this current life if you're human you have a chance to do good and "pay it forward" to your next reincarnation. If you do good in this life, you'll be in much better shape in your next reincarnation. The ultimate goal is for you to reach nirvana as you progress in multiple reincarnations. If in this life you do evil (depending on the severity of it), you'll be in a worse shape in your next reincarnation...if you did so much evil you may also be reincarnated as an animal (i.e. not a human being). This is the reason why Buddhist monks cannot consume meat of any kind because they believe every animal has a soul. No eggs; milk is OK since Buddha drank milk brought to him by disciples.

To pay for your sins, you'll go to Hell and will be subjected to penance(s) commensurate to your sins. Example: I distinctly remembered my grandma telling me that for every grain of rice I did not eat from my bowl and wasted, I will be eating a maggot in Hell.

Growing up in Asia I'd learned to eat all kinds of food that most Westerners would not even look at. Maggots in some Asian countries are a delicacy; so I'm set in Hell eating maggots...just kiddin'.

Wow! I will have to do some reading. Thanks for all the information. Except for the maggots part. I don't think I'll be eating maggots any time soon. (smile)

I'm glad you're interested in further readings. I think the maggot part was just my grandma's trick to get me to finish everything in my bowl. I do believe it worked since I always try to finish and not waste any food. Funny thing is every time I see a grain of rice go into the trash can, I still think to myself, that's one more maggot waiting for me in Hell.

One more thing I remember, time spent in Hell depends on how much sinning you've done in your life. So in a way everyone has to pay a visit to the underworld before reincarnation...unless you were a 100% perfect human being...which I know is nearly impossible unless of course you are the Dalai Lama who as we all know is always a reincarnation of the former Dalai Lama.

"Both you and I have passed through many births; You know them not, I know them all."—Bhagavad Gita.

I believe in pre-birth planning as well. One of the lessons I chose to learn in this lifetime is forgiveness.

I believe this is well. I think we sort of chart what we want to learn or experience in this lifetime.

Wow very interesting thank you