Attack From The Past

I believe in reincarnation because of this event. but first, this was me.

I was a princess, not by blood but by heart. I was adopted by the Emperor. I had three sisters. Two are older and another was younger. I also had several brothers and a cousin. The top three generals, one adorned with red, the next with blue, the last with green, were wed to me and my elder sisters. but of course, with royalty, life isn't always happy. our family was rivaled by another. they, too, had a best general. this one, i will call the first because he is the eldest. he has a pair of half-brothers, twins, and a half-sister. the elder of the twins, i shall call the second, and the younger is the third. the first wanted my elder sister, the one directly older than me. the third wanted me, and was killed the the general in blue. the second brother, now alone because even the sister had joined us, sought revenge and killed me and the general in blue. but there were other people behind the scenes. there was this woman considered a witch, one of the brothers' mother.

the event that forced me to believe? we were attacked by the witch in this life. she is like a haunting ghost and has controlled my sister and my cousin.

just wanted to share it. my sister and cousin btw are my best friends.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

It's not crazy. U can stop by mine and see if it helps with urs

Your story is not far from fairy tales, anime's, manga's and novels.. its really crazy..

I know, that's why I've told this story only once. I mean, it is kinda weird. And at the time I found the whole story out I didn't even know what anime and manga is. Plus, some of my memories and some of my sister's were the same...she knew so much about me even when I didn't open up to anyone at the time.