I Figure Being Honest Here Will End In Mockery But I'Ll Tell Anyways.

From a young age I had memories that weren't human memories but "demon" memories if memory of a human-vampire a powerful kappa an accidental lycan a hindu entity of some power and a dragon may be considered demons. I never dismiss reincarnation because of these and i still recall their pain so vividly because it is mine too. My family doesn't know heavy christians they wouldn't believe...I hope and pray to one day reaqauint myself with their lovers though as of yet it My hope is of little I can only remember faces and one name kyasa she was burned at the stake while he of a human vampiric nature died of a broken heart.
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woah, it's almost like my friend's memory, and he was shunned by my two other friends because all four of us were involved in it...I was a white tigress, my female best friend and "sister" a dragon, my male best friend and "cousin" was a phoenix. My friend with the memory...he was a black wolf and was supposed to fight me. His "brother" was a wyrm and was to fight my sister. His cousin was an arctic wyvern, to fight my cousin...and the battle ended with all of us killed. At least my friend (wolf) helped me stop the fight, which is why I was killed by a neutral being, and he was killed after going berserk and killing everyone else.

Most often I was killed by common humans.