Disrupting The Chain Of Events

Okay, someone already said my story seemed like a fairy tale. Simply put, it was insane. But it is true...

Why are things being repeated again? Maybe because of what someone said back then, "In this life and the next..."

Back then, I loved "Blue". I had two elder sisters (one is now my best friend). That best friend of mine loved "Red".

But we were princesses, although I was adopted. We were to be wed off to two generals but our family did not comply, which led to our downfall.

Now those generals were half-brothers. There was the eldest, the elder twin, and the younger twin. My sister was to be wed to the eldest, and I to the younger twin. The elder twin had a grudge over our family for having his family destroyed (father was killed, his brothers were killed, and their younger sister allied with us).

Back to the present. My sister and I loved Blue and Red. But they don't remember anything, and they did not reciprocate our feelings. Now, my sister is in love with a scholar from our time. But me, I am different. I fell for the elder twin, and he feels the same. We even disregard the past for the present. Maybe that is the key to break the events that will happen...an attack from the generals' stepmother...a "witch"...

Now that the elder twin (he was the same one who killed me, but in another time he saved me and protected me) and I are together, it seems the world is against us. It seems like we have disrupted the flow of everything. But if it takes that to change everything...for the better...
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1 Response Feb 5, 2013

Did you have a regression? Did these memories come up during a meditation? How long have you "known" this?

Regression: Yes, although everything was mixed up and I got them cleared through my best friend/elder sister. During meditation: No, they usually come in dreams and they came before I met my best friend/sister. How long: I have known the whole story for 2 years but I have first dreamed this memory 4 years ago.