We Just Can't Do It In One Lifetime

I just know in my gut that we have been here before and that we'll be back... I see this life that we are currently experiencing as a school where we learn life lessons and so that we can advance as spiritual beings.... Just like we go to class.... we spend some time there, learn our lessons, pass some tests and go to the next grade or level.. in the meantime we go "home" for a while ...till it's time to go to "school" again....how many times we come back depends on whats left to learn and how quickly we do it....just my thoughts
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Because I have seen ghosts/ spirits. what ever you want to call them, that at least tells me there is some sort of possibility of life after. Now to me, these ghosts/spirits did something wrong, chose not to move on, whatever, and are lost. As to how reincarnation works, i really do think we keep coming back, and are tested in many ways, until our true character is known,or until we finally make all correct choices.
for example:
I have never killed any one...but...i have never been placed in a situation where I had to consider having to do that. I am not in the military. i have never had to fight for my life. I Have never been pregnant, and so never had to consider an abortion, and so,it isn't fair for me to some how feel better than someone who has had to deal with all of that. I have no idea how i would react if faced with those types of situations. And so, i think we all keep coming back, and are placed in various situations, so that we are forced to make choices that determine our final fate, or are at least taught to finally make the correct expected choice.

great analogy

"Both you and I have passed through many births; You know them not, I know them all."—Bhagavad Gita.


I totally agree

I think we also come to help others with their lessons. It seems mind-boggling that we could be playing multiple parts in many lives at one time.

I agree with that 100%. It's all connected and I feel we volunteer for these roles for mutual growth.

hello there, i have been reading this and do, so so much want to truly believe in spirits and reincarnation etc etc, but it always comes back to me, how can we really know that there is life after death or that are spirits go into another life? we don't really have any facts and whats is th spirit exactly, some say its your character but surely our character comes from within our brain as that tells us how to look at things, processes the information then determines our thoughts on it.<br />
<br />
like i say i really do ant to believe in it but unfortunately i am one of those people who want to experience first hand to truly understand.<br />
from a history point of view i wud love to interact with sprit world, that if they give you visions, then you would be able to see what 100-200 years ago would have been like instead of reading somebodys version in the history books.

I know it's difficult to believe in something when u can't measure it, document it etc,. but there have been tremendous case studies that even scientist have a difficult time explaining... if u like to read, check out " Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr.Brian Weiss or check out videos on you tube ( tv specials) on reincarnation studies... :)

Boy wish I could help you here but i can't ...I feel my spirit from the tips of my toes to the top of my head...yes creepy at first...when it happens you will know it..i wasn't trying to do this BTW it jsut happened out of the blue...In a way I hope you don't get out of your body because it is very unerving. It seems like a good idea but in way it's not...at least for me since I have no idea how to remotely control it. You will go on trust me but you won't be human you anymore...got to let that go and you won't remember your history anyway. New realm clean slate...BTW you can end up in another material world just so you know

What's really interesting is that there is no proof that there is no afterlife either. Zero, zip, none. And there is endless evidence, throughout human history, for something beyond this life. So, denying all the evidence in favor of a belief with nothing behind it whatsoever is not logical or scientific. It's faith. It's not much different than saying there can't be anything like China because you haven't been there. The only difference is that lots of people agree with you. But think about this: does it matter how many people believe, for instance, the world is flat? Does it make the slightest difference how many important and learned people and compelling arguments? Does reality care what we think? Is the state of the universe up to a vote?

so true... and it also depends on what one considers "evidence". There are thousands of case studies of people remembering minute details of a life in a foreign country down to names of streets and corridors in a house...

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You have understood things correctly. Some are lucky to find a l spiritual masters who had realized GOD , will make things easy for the deserving aspirant

hey there Rahuldreamer, yes I do believe in it.... it just makes the most sense to me...even from a scientific perspective... btw I got ur message...best way to contact me is thru my yahoo account coz I don't come here that often... my add is mysticdesi2006 ( at yahoo.com)

Thanks, yes, not saying that I am looking forward to death, but don't have the "this is the end" fear. Sometimes I almost wish I knew where my next journey is going to take me.. kind of like wanting to skip ahead to chapters of a book so see what's gonna happen! LOL

I refer to it as "going home" too. I look forward to it, not in a morbid way, or an i-want-to-die way but in a pleasant, back-where-i-belong kinda of way :)

Really nice though :) And wise as well.

Exactly, otherwise where would our energy go. I don't think new souls are created but the ones that are here just transcend.

I agree. I believe in reincarnation. It seems like the most likely scenario for what happens when we die. I believe our energy moves on from this body and eventually ends up manifesting in some other way.