I'm back...once's a big circle of lives, each one I think that this is the only one but then I wake up and something's happened...I'm in intense pain and it's dark and I'm being squeezed out of some tight space...very uncomfortable...I do have faint impressions of some inkling that though I don't know where I am now, I know I've been somewhere else before...I don't believe in nothing...I don't believe I was nothing before earth year 1975 and I don't think I'll be nothing when I die...Show me nothing, I dare you...I bet you can't b/c there is no such thing...that is enough for me to believe in reincarnation
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You are right...nothing does not exist...even if it did the moment you looked at it ....poof it's something. But live your life here doing good and it all works out one way or the other. I always think of these as paradox questions and tricky business....hey in a way we should not be here but yet we are so i would have to say we should be here.....yeah that stuff is the dog chasing it's tail. Have a great journey were you go. Should be fun :)

interesting, i admit it i am a believer to but thats only because i prefer to believe iv'e already met a few from my past life and or lives. who knows whats really real, and whats really just a dream. hell i have a hard time realizing it myself but maybe thats only because of....certain things i was diagnosed with. either way i prefer to go by a quote someone said that i cant think of the name of.<br />
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"for every end, there's a begining. and for every begining there's an end."<br />
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keeping that in mind, i prefer to believe something a little different. something close to imortality but not exactly that. out souls travel, to a different body or form. and take a new life, sleeping until they have to be awakened for something they are needed. either way i'll end my thought/comment with this. reincarnation is what begins us and it is what will end us. but if every end is a begining, is there really an end to us at all? something to think about lol. thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and the others.<br />
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I don't 100% believe in reincarnation but much more so than atheist beliefs or the christian heaven/hell scenario. Those seem much more like fantasies to me than a "cycle of life" kind of belief. I have had one significant near-death experience and my reading since then seems to validate what I experienced. I also, under the influence of drugs, had visions of past lives as a civil war soldier, a tree, and a jellyfish. I would just blame those on the drugs except that I have done so many over the years and that was the only time I ever had a past-life experience.

I think it's very interesting and have often wondered about it. I am not sure if I believe in it or not but I am open to the possibility that such things occur. I think there are alot of things that can not be explained by science or rationalization. I believe in outer body and near death experiences I have experienced this before. I used to wonder if I was black in another life even though I am a white female now. I had a dream once that I was a black woman and involved in the civil rights movement. That was a wild dream that really has had me wondering about such things as reincarnation.