I know that I was reincarnated more than once. Once I was a black slave. I had a very vivid dream about that. My mother used to be haunted by the ghost of her former self. Reincarnation is even in old art from WAY back when. I definately believe in reincarnation.
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Sometimes there are ghosts that aren't necessarily a spirit so much as a memory that resides in the place of that memory. Also, my mother was haunted by dreams, not an actual spirit in front of her. It was the same dream every night of her as this older woman that used to live in the house they had just moved into. Every night she dreamnt that she had jumped out the upstairs window and killed herself. Records showed it really happened.

Oh, yes... absolutely... :)

Good Because its real. I understnad a lot i think, an im an old guy and actualy im looking foward to my next life. Its like a whole new adventure to me.. Which it actualy is

me too! I also believe in karma. So I have a feeling I will be reincarnated as a roach!!