Deja Vu All Over Again

I too believe in reincarnation.  How else could I explain humanity's ability to repeat the same mistakes century after century?
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What is mind?<br />
No matter.<br />
What is matter?<br />
Never mind.

Good points everybody, everymind.

It's a point.

Hmmm...good question. Apparently, gators can come back as puppies, so it's possible. ;)

How one simple word can make a man into a puppy. Do you believe people can come back as animals?



Hi Myo. The idea of incarnation is based on an infinite number of 2nd chances, however, it's also based on a sliding scale of merit. (Do badly, return as a slug. Do well as a slug, return as a bird.) This is inherently a hopeful concept. - But I prefer your perspective. Many religions thrive on the idea that - if you enslave yourself to their laws - no matter how miserable your life is now, you will have a sweet time in heaven. To me this is just so much eyewash. I say, live as if this is the only life you get - and live a moral life not because it will benefit you down the road - but because it is the right thing to do.

El, I guess we just don't learn. (Obviously...I'm commenting following a rather impressive discourse here but my ego says go ahead, everyone really wants to hear what you have to say.) I like the idea of reincarnation because it gives us another chance to maybe get it right the next time around. The question is, how many rounds will that take? "Nothingness - no job, no money, no family, no hope, no desire to live - is a part of time I've visited more than once." I've been in that place myself, and why would I want to come back time and time again to revisit these things? Ugh. It's best I assume this is my one real chance and I'd better do my best in getting it right. The pressure's on, no do overs.

Chris - I have to admire your candor, thoughtfulness, and how articulate you are. (Would you mind teaching these qualities to other EPeeps?)<br />
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I would submit that this reaction you're having is based on the tenacious nature of ego, a resilient little fellow in us all. The ego cannot imagine a world without us, it seems tragic somehow. <br />
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The complete abandonment of ego is quite terrifying for most, and yet, it is a requisite of all true spirituality - in my humble opinion.<br />
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Have a great day, and "keep on seekin'" - to quote Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Just the absense of thought. Because even while thinking on it we are thinking. Maybe this feeling isn't as universal as I thought, I don't talk about it much (or think about it if I can avoid it) so I hate to be out on a limb about it.<br />
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I can't fathom a nothingness of consciousness, thought, body, mind, "soul" or equivilent thereof. It becomes almost painful for me. To me its that little pain that leads to explanations. I don't mind explanations, don't think I'm being a douche or anything. I've seen you around on here and think you're a plenty hip guy haha. I'm just saying... whatever makes people happy without hurting or negatively influencing anyone else, or at least as few people as possible, is fine with me. I just can't think on nothingness. It gives me a feeling that nothing else does. For me it feels like the opposite of a good love poem. I feel dirty, empty, fragile, naked, useless and limited. Yet... not entirely in a bad way. Just a realistic way. That no matter what we do we'll end up as nothing (in my mind) and that the time we are conscious and thinking and seeing and feeling and touching and smelling should be the time we focus on.<br />
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That's just my jive talkin, my friend. And rambling at that, haha.<br />
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Nothingness - no job, no money, no family, no hope, no desire to live - is a part of time I've visited more than once. Far from having trouble conceiving it, I'm happy forgetting it.<br />
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If you're talking about PHYSICAL nothingness, well, I can't imagine why that would be hard to understand.

Haha. Well I've done mushrooms so I think I undersand the death of the ego but other times... nothingness is the hardest for me to fathom.

I find nothingness extremely easy to imagine, but then, I've heard the Grateful Dead.

I can dig on all sorts of ideas in an acceptance-of-thought sort of way. I don't rightly care or want to talk about it most of the time becuase it doesn't matter. The idea of reincarnation sounds great, honestly. I don't buy into it much but only because it seems like one of the many ways we cope with the inability to imagine nothingness. It's beyond our cognition to imagine the time before we were born and the time after we die.<br />
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I'd much prefer reincarnation over some heaven and hell system if only so I can still eat nachos.<br />
<br />
That's my take, anyway.<br />
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And he knows when you are naughty and nice.

Indeed. Santa Claus believes in you, even if you don't believe in him.

For those who know reincarnation there is nothing to prove....for some who dont... require proof and will seek it...for some who dont will never accept it.... and in the end it matters none...for whatever is the truth will happen in spite of us and what we think....and that is the part I delight it carries great freedom for me... Yeehah!

First things first. I resent that, I am an alligator with a big brain! :><br />
<br />
Has someone been holding you to a high standard lately?<br />
<br />
In my world, "perfection" is merely a word - it is not achievable nor even desirable.<br />
<br />
Humans consistently perform so far below what they could easily achieve that it's a disgrace. For example, if they stopped killing each other for idiotic - and certainly non-genetic - reasons like religion and politics, I would consider this entry-level, summer intern, behavior. And yet, they are incapable of managing even this party trick. Their suicidal insistence on destroying the very planet that keeps them alive will be addressed later.

That's rather a lot of ***. I'm guessing D*ck H*rtz.

I used to work with a guy who thought Natty Bumppo was the funniest name - ever.

Very nice indeed! Good old Ben.

Good one, El.

As Americans, our problem is that we believe in luxury-car nation.