I suppose I believe in God because I always pray.  Reincarnation though is really my religion.  I've met and lost my soul mate and I knew him from the instant I saw him . I mean I knew things about him that he'd never told me. The same with my earth mate. Once in awhile I see someone that I'm sure I've met before, but not in this life time.  I've had dreams that have come completely true years later. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that represents reincarnation from the Egyptians time. I wish I could be hypnotized to find out what my past lives were.
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i'm starting to believe in reincarnation, but i'm totally conflicted with the thought, given my religious background. I also recently met my soulmate. It feels like i've known him eons ago. we click in so many ways, we think alike, similar back grounds. Whenever we disagree we are driven to resolve the situation. I've never experienced anything like this before, sometimes it's scary!!!!

Reincarnation is a fact whether believed or not... its like gravity....<br />
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We actually are living our past present and future lives all at the same time....it took me a few years to get my head around that one..but it is true...and all are accessible to you.....this all seems ridiculous because we are living in a linear reality on this plane...where we can only think of one thought at a time whereas in other realities there is no such thing as time or space...if you want to get some idea about it...and have some fun reading some real deep material... get some Seth books channeled by Jane Roberts now deceased...but there is a lot of information about it all in the bookshops or you can google it...you tube also carries a lot of channeled info on the subjects...<br />
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It is possible for two entities to occupy the one body...but with agreement of both and their guides or guardian angels if you like...

Dr. Brian Weiss is an expert on the subject and you can purchase regression CDs from B&N. I've been trying but I've only gotten glimpses so far.

I believe in reincarnation too. It would be cool to be hypnotized and regress into a past life. When I was 5 I was watching the tub fill up with water and I had this feeling of being back from somewhere. This was before I knew of reincarnation. It was a strange sensation. There was one guy that I had strong feelings for and he had the same exact birthday as my grandfather who institutionalized my grandmother in her early 20's and who had died when she was 26. My mother's relatives said how much I look like her. Even weirder I have been told I look like my paternal grandmother who died young as well and was thought to be poisoned by her husband. Do you think it is possible to hold two souls in one reincarnated body?

I know exactly what you are talking about. I experienced that same thing when I met my ex. Lets say we both felt the same thing. We met we fell in love all over again..It felt like we continues where we had left off. I know we worked things out in this life that we didn't finish in the other. and we parted..Not very easily and not in very good terms. But now we have realized that we have run our course and we are best of friends. and we love each other dearly. I know I will not meet him the same way in my next life. I feel we have finished our mission together?? I wonder if that is what it was ??? I had to be in his life, and he had to be in mine.. for the time he was.