I Do.

Honestly, I wish I had a big elaborate explanation why I believe in reincarnation.

The truth is....it's really the only thing that ever made sense to me.

I remember from a young age feeling as though my body is simply my home for now.

I read a book in my mid-teens called Many Lives, Many Masters. It was basically about a woman that had suffered from so much anxiety in her everyday life that she sought help. Throughout the course of the book past life regression happens and they discover that a lot of her anxieties stem from things that happened to her in various previous lives. I think they had documented 80-some previous lives. Book was supposedly written by her doctor, and supposed to be based on true events. It was a very interesting read. It was said there that the soul is reborn for as many lifetimes as it takes to learn all there is it needs to know, and when it is finished it becomes a guide for other souls on their journeys. I'd definately reccommend it. :)

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I loved Many Lives, Many Masters and will check out other books suggested here...thanks :) Having lived more than one life just makes perfect sense to me and pretty much always has so it's always nice to come across good books on the subject...if only to confirm that it makes sense to others too ;)

I'm very interested in all things paranormal and reincarnation myself. I am not sure if I believe it or not. It is very interesting to me. I just wish I knew for certain. I would love the idea of living on and not just disappearing into some void. I am going to check out the book you suggested.

I will check out some of these books thanks

I believe in reincarnation too, another good book is Past lives, Present miracles by Denise Linn, she explains how you can find out what your past lives are in explaining all certain character traits that we have , it i also a healing book . I recommend to everyone who believes in reicarnation it makes you know who you really are.

Cool, while I thought the title was contrite, the book <i>Courageous Souls</i> is another interesting read and explains how past life events can dominate different aspects of our lives.<br />
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Most interesting was a girl who, when regressed, would refer to herself and her past selves as "we" because her different personalities varied to greatly for her to consider it the same "self."