I Have Believed N It

I had read about it and believed it for a long time but what sealed the deal was apast life regression i did. I n short i had been a german ww2 sailor, a catholic monk, a templar and a housewife with spritual abilities married scientist

It was not necessarily the information but intuitively knowing that this information was correct.

I discovered i had lived 352 lives but the person doing the regression had live 3500 lives.

Dolores Cannon and Sylvia Brown are the best authors to read about in this catagory.

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I tried a form of meditation with a friend in which the goal was to see our past lives in each other's eyes. It was a really cool experience.

That sounds right. The Buddhist start looking for the Dali lama immediately after his death knowing that he has bee reborn and it usually takes them a few years to locate him once again.