Completated (like Everything I Think)

I believe in the evolution of the soul. Which is way more important than my belief in reincarnation.  I think that through experiences, we learn important lessons and are made better by them.  One way to be made better is to reincarnate, another is observation or afterlife experience.

I don't think everyone is reincarnated. I think it is a matter of choice.  I think some people would rather take another shot at the wheel to figure out what it is they have left

I just don't think that heaven, earth, Valhalla, whatever is the final destination. In fact i don't think there is a final destination.  I think the whole point of existence is to continue to learn and grow and i don't think you ever stop doing that, even after you die.

(i hope that made _some_ sense at least)

Shierke Shierke
26-30, F
7 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Nobody has all the answers and we all believe what we do based on our experiences. Nobody here can claim to be the correct answer or the like. We all have some things that overlap and other things which do not resemble the beliefs of others. However, exchanging our viewpoints allows us to consider alternatives which we may adopt or reject!

hey, i don't have all the answers. I don't even really intend to figure it out... i just believe what i do, and when the time comes i am sure that will change again. <br />
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Either way, its not necessary that anybody agree with me.

I believe that heaven is crock of crap. It is right here with us as we sometimes experience it as well as hell, which we get to encounter more often. This being sent here to earth to do something is pure bs. Otherwise God then would be sending people come here to be murderer, or alcoholics, or greedy, or all the other wonderful traits that mankind displays in excess each and every single day.<br />
The rule of chaos pervades our lives in biology, in mathematics, in everything that happens on earth. In any case I am not going to write an essay here other than to repeat what I have said before, there is no purpose (from the heavens) and that we try to perfect for reason other than we each want to be the best we can be, it is all random.

what i don't understand is why we don't remember our other lives so we can grow easier. if we knew what we were before we came here. it would make more sense.

I do not disagree that we all try to improve. However, I think that the universe is infinite and so are our lives (not in this form). Therefore we become better and sometimes, as in the life we lead on this earth, we get worse and then better, so it is a give and take that continues. I do not disagree with the phoenix version you provide, but I think that while one of these earths is being reborn, then there are other homes elsewhere to habituate and learn and grow( as you day).

Being better is both what we are doing and the purpose. I just don't think there is an end.. you just keep growing and changing. Who doesn't want to be the best version of themselves. But you know it's just me i don't expect anybody else to believe what i do.<br />
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I'm more circular though, i think this earth has been advanced before and i think it died and was reborn again.

I have a problem with your theory. If we are evolving to become better, when do we reach an end an better to what extent and for what purpose. I believe that we are reincarnated and we bring what we learn in our last life em<x>bedded in your genes so that the new technology and the like is within us so that we can learn what is new since last we were here. I also believe that there are many earths, not only this one and it is highly probable that we get shifted around (spiritually) from one to another and we learn from all those. Where we go to an advance society we pick up new things that we can take when we go to societies not as advance. For the seeds of invention and the though of totally new ideas have to come from somewhere and this is one of the sources.