Have I Been Herre Before?

i think the whole concept of having beeen here before(maybe several times) is intrigueing. i would love to be hypnotised to find out more. i think its called regression therapy? it would be very cool to know what your past lives were like.
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Lol you may just get or have already experienced a surprise that could have been astounding when you find or found you may have had several 100 lives or more depending on the level of consciousness you have achieved...<br />
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It would seem that regressions are done for a particular reason consciously known or not... like something that is holding you back emotionally in the present time may be assisted in its release and removal by reliving the past life incident that created it and thereby removing the negative energy carried into this existence from that time and creating the blocks in ones emotional and spiritual progress in the present...

Many years ago (early 70's) I met someone who had just gotten home from a week long past life regression retreat. It was all very fresh for her, so she just shared and shared. years later I had a friend who had taken as a part of continuing education in his field, classes in clinical hypnosis. you should try it. I will share the rest of this story.

Yes, it would be interesting to go to one of those.