I Feel Like I've Lived Before...

I never really gave reincarnation much thought until about eight or nine years ago when I was on an 8th grade trip to Savannah, GA. The experience happened twice - once in a fort that was used during the revolutionary war and once in the town square - where I could almost see a clear picturre in my head of a flashback to people in 1800s clothing going about their business.

I also feel an unnatural attachment to Eastern Europe (mainly Britain) and, at 21 years old, I have never been out of America. I also feel an odd pull/fascination to the 1600s and 1800s. I don't have any flashbacks, though I always seem to picture a young blonde girl in a garden in a pink dress but that could have been a dream or movie? I am also very in tune with the spiritual realm and can usually feel when there is a presence somewhere.

I don't know if any of this means I have been reincarnated or am a new soul, but I would like it if anyone would be able to help me? Thanks! :)

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I know for a fact that reincarnation is indeed true.There are many books out there to support this. In reality reincarnation was in thebible but souls of darkness did not want the ppl to realize that life is indeed life after death and GOD does indeed send ppl back life after life so souls can indeed make progress and grow till they do Egar Cayce a great mystic indeed a man who once did not belief in reincarnation, now admits that reincarnation is fact

I am a 40 year old Eastern European woman, and ever since I was a child I had a feeling, that only became stronger & stronger, that I live in a wrong era... I feel I have lived before, most definitely as a native American Indian in many past lives...also in old England, and other places, hundreds of years ago...and my heart aches at times, because I miss "something" from my past life and can't find in this one... I also never felt like I belonged anywhere...at least not yet.
If what I wrote made sense to anyone, thank you! :)

I was 5.5 when my dad died. Whilst he was dying some 20kms from where I lived with my Grandmother, I told her I am 'playing' his grave. I never felt as if I belonged anywhere. One exception is my husband. As soon as we met I knew he was the one.
Now I feel (and have been since I can remember) that there is more to sad human existence, bombarded with politics, economics, taxation and other pressures that we are forced to live under and forget all that is truly important, the humanity! Interestingly I am finding more and more people sharing this sentiment. Yet most of us would not (and do not) dare to express it publically. All for the fear of ridicule and severe consequences. If you are a professional on whose opinion (say financial)institutions are to rely upon, you must not be perceived as 'unstable'. This is what any 'other' belief comes down to. Overall, I am very sad that this is how we humans live and treat one another. Hopefully it will be over soon. The only decent time in my current life I had is that whilst with my husband. The only sadness I think of is parting from this, but unless we die together (if possible) this is more than likely outcome. Even if we do die together, there are not any guarantees that we will meet again.

Britain is not Eastern Europe (EE). EE countries are normally considered those that use to form a part of Eastern Block (supposed control by USSR). This included East Germany until the fall of the Berlin wall in 1990.

your just high

Me too. I feel that whenever I see, feel, think about something, a blurred flashback or image can be seen in my head. I can sense that it's dejavu, even thought it has not actually happened, ever in my present life. I got a feeling that I was once a rich legendary kid that has got everything she'd ever wanted but an accident or something bad happened that made me forget them all . It led me to my present life.

yes we have lived before the records of past lives are sealed in the unconscious if you were regressed by a proper therapist you would see this is true you can check out a book by BRIAN WEISS called many lives many masters . vinny

I live in east central illinois, for most of my life, I had the "calling" to journey past Terra Haute, just a un-explainable calling to goto southern indiana. A few months ago, we went to just south of Bedford Indiana, I suddenly felt as if a great burden had been lifted, and I was home. I have been doing a great deal of motorcycle riding the summer, every-time I venture further south, the feeling that I am getting closer to home increases. I return to my present home, all around me, I dont feel the comfort that I do there, its like I dont belong where I am at, and that southern indiana is my home.<br />
<br />
A short time ago, I met someone, immediately I felt the same way about them, I am drawn to them, it's not a sexual love, but the strongest feeling I have ever had that we need to be together, I find myself telling them things I have never shared with anyone.<br />
<br />
Currently I have a "domestic partner", but this new person in my life has the same pull as the Bedford area.<br />
<br />
I feel like that in a past life, southern indiana, myself, and this new person, have a strong connection. <br />
<br />
My conclusion that is I need to leave here, to journey south, I feel my true calling is waiting there. I pray soon, that this can happen, maybe I will find true happiness there, that I cant here.

I don't know much about this, but I saw you said you have an unatural connection to Britain. I feel the same way about Jerusalem mostly at the time of the crusades. I feel so sad and out of place and I want to cry. A few days back my cousin and i was on Google Earth and i decided to look atJerusalem and when i saw a street which was like a market, i unconsiously said "what have they done to my city" and i was about to cry......... I find this really strange

I too have feelings (and memories) of Jerusalem during the Crusades. This would be the first Crusade. It makes me sad and I do cry from what I remember. Truly a sad time. When I googled Jerusalem and saw the wall that we (the Crusaders) captured with Goddfrey's siege tower, my first thought was "Looks the same. Some things never change, even after 900 years, although Herod's Gate has changed a lot since then as has the Dome of the Rock". I remember the streets and witnessed part of the slaughter although I have no memory of participating. I was too stunned by what I saw. I wanted to cry back then as I do now, but being a knight meant I had to keep my composure. A very sad feeling that has never left me.

Bah humbug! I sit up some nites listening to 50's rock and roll and crying like a fool, feeling a sense of loss I can't get past and for no reason. There is a purpose for why we are to forget the past and we should embrace it and move on. We will never see those ppl and things we left behind, best to just put it behind you and live for now.

Life is like a box of chocolate.....

Hi , I totally get your feeling but Britain is in te very west of Europe. :P

Well.........there's so much to say, but where to start? Not everyone remembers their past lives, like you obviously do. The question is, really, why? <br />
<br />
We all have so many past lives (at least I do), but only some of them come to bear in our present life. Certain people, certain experiences will peak our interests and make an impression, concurrent with our current life goals, which we helped plan before we were born, with pre-life Master Planners.<br />
<br />
I have learned that life is very tricky. You never know what you're going to get. We are constantly being tested to see if we learned how to master ourselves, if we have finally learned to overcome the problems we have kept repeating through our past incarnations. <br />
<br />
Sometimes, people will come into our lives, in order for us to be tests for THEM, other times, people will come into our lives to be a test for US. <br />
<br />
When we pray, we might not get straight answers from God or our Spirit Guides, AT ALL. I have learned that the answers we get are specifically cut down and shaped to correspond with our own understanding, to be used as......tests. Or to see how we will react, within our own level of understanding.<br />
<br />
We are constantly being monitored, by our Spirit Guides. God is above all, but each person belongs to a spirit group, in-between lives, which is run by one or more Spirit Guides. Our Spirit Guides are initmately aware of our shortcomings and strengths. <br />
<br />
The main purpose of life is to overcome fear and learn to love ourselves as much as we would love someone else, to give ourselves a place in the world, to protect ourselves, just as we would protect a child. To ask for what we need and what we want, and to take chances towards making our dreams come true. <br />
<br />
We must love others, definitely--treat others as we would like to be treated, but we must also treat ourselves the way that other people would like to be treated.<br />
<br />
It sounds like you are very open and sensitive, psychically. I would recommend reading all that interests you, at the book store, in the metaphysics section. Mainly, I would recommend all of the Edgar Cayce books, starting with "There Is A River," by Thomas Sugrue, anything by Ruth Montgomery, any past-life hypnosis books by psychologists, like **** Sutphen's YOU WERE BORN AGAIN TO BE TOGETHER, and a most excellent trilogy of books about life BETWEEN lives by Dr. Michael Newton.<br />
<br />
Be strong in life, and follow your own intuitive course. Your intuition will be on-target, despite what other people urge you to do. <br />
<br />
Jesus did not die for our sins. He died for his own. I think dieing on the cross was his last karmic debt. No one can take away our sins. Only we can, by increasing character development. That is what life is all about--realizing, while alive, on a conscious level, how to let go of selfishness, and how to grow in self-love, and self-ex<x>pression.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you.

totally sounds like u could have had a past life in these times and places you feel attatched/fasinated with:)u should TOTALLY read any book by sylvia browne. she has a book called past lives, future healing which i own but haven't read yet, but ive read many other books by her and it is uplifting wisdom and truth that changed my life in the best ways. that is how i discovered reincarnation is how life works.-alexa dennis