For Sure.

     Why was it that when I was 5 years old or younger, I had to have blankets lie perfectly on the ground or bed (no wrinkles).

     Why have I always freaked out when my fingers were sticky (lol aren't little kids suppose to not care?)

     I've been told (before I could remember) that I use to cry whenever I heard sad music. (I've always been able to throw myself into a song, and I'm not talking just liking music)

     How can a little kid already have an opinion on something or know what sad music is? I have to assume that you only know what you like and dislike from previous experiences. Whether that experience was in this life or has been carried over from another. Some of my dreams could even be from past lives just because of how graphic they are and how I could never know what some things feel like without experiencing them before.

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Well, you KNOW that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a childhood prodigy...You know that indicates that he was a Master in his past-life, and his talent, hard-earned and hard-won, materialized in his 1700's life, from a very early age, because of his passion for the piano.<br />
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Check out youtube, to see another such child. He is on my youtube sight. He has a funny name. databird or something like that. His song is called. "TRUE LOVE." My youtube site is: serenadesea.<br />
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You are very intuitive and insightful about yourself. Continue with your self-study, and be sure to study the piano diligently, to develop skill for your passion. <br />
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Follow your intuition, and be disciplined in life. Be honest. Be yourself. Be decent. Be kind. <br />
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Okay, bye.

I agree 100% !