Why I 1000000% Believe In Reincarnation

here i was 36 years old and with 2 kids and the only man i have ever been with my husband, working my normal everyday job when i was asked to train a new person. of course i said yes oh and by the way he was cuuuute! when i was introduced to him i wanted to say i have missed, you how are you, where have you been? but since i had never laid eyes on this man before it made no sense so i just said "nice to meet you".  i began to train him and we didn't stop talking for 6 hours. he held up and apron and asked where he was supposed to put it? automatically i had a "vision" of him standing in  a living room in only the apron!  i recovered quickly and told him where it went. when my bf stopped by to grab her check she asked the new kid how he liked it so far he said pretty good but that i was imagining him naked already! i really had no control what my mind saw and trust me i know the difference in a fantasy on purpose and what i experienced.

     when we would talk it was easy but the really weird thing that i experienced was when we would look i mean really look  into each others eyes i would see a wheat field and the sun is warm and i am soooooo happy and at peace and we are running around and hugging and kissing and being silly. people told me that when we were "locked in on each other" that they could stand rite beside us and yell and we wouldn't even budge! 

   i also kept having more "visions".  i was hanging up clothes at home one day when i wasn't in my yard anymore. i was on the edge of that wheat field hanging up laundry. it was fall and i was in a big puffy dress like "gone with the wind" just not glamorous like  Scarlet. i hear a rustling behind a big oak tree. i asked who was there and the kid from work came out from behind the tree! except he had like an army uniform on and a doctor bag. i kept screaming for my sister rachael that patrick was alive just like i said! he dropped the bag and gathered me up in his arms. and after another minute i came back to my own yard and time.

     we were both huggers and every time i found myself in his arms the word HOME just kept playing over and over in my head. that was 3 years ago and i miss him soooo much. you see while yes i am married he was only 18 when we met. he told my he loved me but he wouldn't be the one to destroy my kids family. we went our seperate ways and i do know that someday we will get to do this life thing together again.

*just an update. he has since left my life again. and i am very sad. it is my belief that we will see one another again. he is my friend and we are connected. wether he likes it or not* lol


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God DAMN that's terrible. God DAMN, God DAMN, God DAMN. I can identify. I hate that when it happens. I hate it. Why can't we be with the ones we love? The one I love NOW wants to kill me. Literally. Life is ******.

to anyone who read this story i have a happy (not ending) continuation! i texted him on march 3rd and we have been chatting ever since! we even got together and since i don't kiss and tell that is all on that lol. i do know that i am trying hard to trust him because he promised he would never leave my life again! he explained that he was so young and very overwhelmed. we both still have signifigant others but we will be as we have always been, intertwined in a cosmic way!

I believe what you say in your story is all true

we agreed that there was a connection we couldn't deny this was before i realized just what the connection was.i told him that i believed in reincarnation. i always attempted to tell him how important he was to me and eventually i did tell him that i was falling in love with him.he asked if i loved my husband and i said yes that i always would because he gave me 2 great kids and he is a good man (we are still together) he just doesn't make me feel like my young friend did. hang in there it has to happen naturally. trust me i was not expecting to meet and fall for an 18 year old kid. make yourself open to the universe and ready to be loved and it will happen. in the mean time keep soaking up all the knowledge you can this time around. good luck!

that was so beautiful,so beautiful,did u tell him any of this? i wiah i could have an experince like that and i do belive in reincarnation