To Me Its A Fact

I heard of the concept throughout my life and never doubt the possibility. When I moved to US, I got involved in Christian organized religion for some time, which rejected the concept altogether. But strangely enough the Christian Bible is where I found the undeniable evidence of reincarnation, specifically in revelation and the book of Job. I also had glimpses and dreams of my previous life’s at different times and as a deferent person which at the time I dismissed but after the extensive research I am totally convinced and no longer believe but know that I have lived as deferent personality before. All of the information is stored in the soul memory and not in the physical brain that comes new with each incarnation. I believe when the body and soul is perfectly aligned and in total harmony that information becomes easily available (beside other very important benefits) which I am currently working to achieve.    

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Dear Tiger--just because you don't understand reincarnation doesn't mean it is not true. Look at Saint Paul--he didn't belive in Jesus, and Jesus blinded him, and made him believe. Stick to your own path, and butt out of this discussion if it doesn't interest you. It apparently is over your head. We don't need your religious fervor. I've already been through it. Reincarnation proved itself as true, for me. No one can talk me out of it.<br />
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Do you have any hobbies? Develop them, develop your character, be nice, be polite. Religion is not for pushing people into a corner, religion is for making people get along and act respectably towards each other. You are being rude, because you are misguided.<br />
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Be a free-thinker. Don't just do what fundamentalist Christians tell you to do. <br />
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Reincarnation is real. Life, itself, is about character development. We incur sins in lives and have to pay them in future lives. Jesus can't take away our sins. That is a ridiculous concept. Only we can, through growing in love and self-acceptance. <br />
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Jesus himself lived about 35 lifetimes. Jesus was a man like you, a human like you and I. <br />
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We each have our problems to bear--each problem being self-created. We are here to overcome tests which were planned before our birth. We are here to grow in self-love and love for others, always following Jesus's example, but also having self-knowledge, by being attuned with the divine forces, through meditation.<br />
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Open yourself to that which is beyond fundamentalist christianity. We are here for character development, which transpires lifetime after lifetime.

I have read by dr. Michael Newton that it is the brain itself which holds past-life memories, but the soul of the new body is the part that does not remember the past. Hey, he has three great books! I would recommend reading them. They are SO interesting. They deal primarily with what goes on in-between lives--which explains the reason for life itself. <br />
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enjoyed your post. Thanks.

I just finished reading the book “Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives<br />
by Brian L. Weiss and your story is somewhat similar of what is described in this book. The young lady had 86 lives that she knew of and her journey in the afterlife. <br />
I had a dream not too long ago that may have something to do with the afterlife but i am not sure. Your story is amazing, thank you for sharing!

Yes you are correct,when we leave our bodies,part of that life is remembered in the soul,that is why when we return in another body,a lot of people believe thay have had past lives.<br />
Everyone has past lives,or future lives,but some people dont think about it,the soul never dies,it is taken to what people call Heaven,then you are met by people with clipboards,who tell you where to go,its abit like an airport,with lots of people comeing and going.<br />
You are then retrained to be better and learn things,but you dont have to come back if you dont want to,its your choice!!<br />
How do I know these things,I have had at least 362 past lives,I only remember One of them,but I do remember what happens when you die!!

My evidence is Truth--my evidence is Christ.<br />
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It is your preconceived opinions and beliefs that are standing in the way of true wisdom.

Look tiger422956, your evidence is based on man’s opinions who I must mention have personal interest to discredit certain beliefs in favor of their own. Open mind looks at the whole picture without prejudice or preconceived ideas.

luda123, you are blindly believing a lie. Open your mind.<br />
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Once you open your mind, you will see the Light.

Tiger422956 it’s not true to you . As for a book; history shows that when belief was put on trial someone or many end up dying. It has no case but thanks anyways.

Reincarnation is not true. Read The Case Against Reincarnation: A Rational Approach.

I completely agree! Thank you Omniel!