I Can Come Up With Strong Details Of My Ideal Life Without Even Knowing It...

As a child, at about three, I remember having a flashback to a "previous life" I guess you can call it. I also used to have a lot of deja vu as a child but never really knew what it was. Didn't even know the word deja vu, so as a child at 6-7 I created my own word for it, and would say it often when I did experince deja vu and no one knew what I was talking about. So a strong part of me believes in reincarnation, because of my innocent flsahback to a time when I was six, when in reality I was three...


But the point is that I don't remember where that was. It could've been anywhere. I have this incredibly strong attachment to the French/Italian/English countrysides (basically any European countryside/rural town) and I don't know why. I have never been to Europe, but am always looking for cafes or even little rural towns here in the states that could give me the satisfaction of the real European towns that I'm mysteriously attached to. I look at pictures of the countrysides, etc, and feel like I have been there. For some reason, I can name little drinks, or nearby little coffee/breakfast shops, and imagine myself enjoying tea/food there on a rainy morning as I'm out to run errands in the rural towns of the countrysides in Europe. I always have these fantasies of my mom and me, and how (in my head/imagination), I am out running errands, school, etc, and it's raining (all the time for some reason) and I am wearing a black coat, hair always tied, and going back home to my mom cooking. It's always me and my mom for some reason (in reality, I have a dad and bro as well). I can see me in the meadows, and near the lake. I am always by myself, no boyfriend, no friends. Just me (in my head of course).

I also have many psychic moments. REally random and scary psychic moments where I say something and it has come true, or I feel when there is negative energy between people even without really knowing and then i confront them and it's true. I don't know, call me crazy I guess. I'm also 19 right now.


I don't know whether to relate this to a past-life or just aspects of life. I'm not sure if my passion of European countrysides is just me, or I have really lived it once.

Please help.

annebrady24 annebrady24
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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

have you considered past life regression,it does cost but is worth a try if you can,if not just try reading up on it,im sure you have had past lives and i expect deep down you are sure too but sometimes you just want/need validation that you.re not crazy dont you,without a doubt reincarnation and past lives exist,the more i read and experience the more i know this,i would suggest you just read everything you can,and maybe go to a spiritualist meeting if there are any in your area.if you would like me to reccomend any reading material feel free to ask