Caught In The Maze Of My Own This A Dream, Can You Prove It, Disprove It??

I had a friend ask me my thoughts on this earlier and he told me how the current world population did not  support this theory. Well my thoughts on that are that we do not know what is on other planets in other solar systems nor can it be completely proved or disproved.  I believe we have a choice to come back and perhaps some choose to go to Summer land...what some out there will call Heaven.... I can tell you we have a soul...there is more to this body that meets the eye...I cannot prove or disprove any theory out there but i respect  all thoughts and will listen to them all. for myself...i know that somehow there is more than just this.. I know my dog will come back to me somehow, I know because it has happened before. I have dreams of other planets and other places..places I have not seen in this lifetime. I believe the wind is whispers of my departed grandpa  the flowers  i feel are alive with souls learning patience. Am I wrong? maybe ..maybe not it does not really matter... for me to have peace in this life and to make it day to day I need this hope this type of faith. no i am not saying faith is easy for me... it  mirrors my need to over think what i see, hear and feel. i look for the world to lie to me, that surface emotions are simply  a piece of cheese like  Scrooge said to the haunting voice of his chained deceased boss.  But underneath the bitterness and  hard wall I have put up i still  hope for a better life. I still wish for answers and deep down like every human alive I wish for love and I pray for a better life. If  there is a lesson i am supposed to learn teach me and teach me well so i don't end up in this hell hole again, i cling to the idea of starseeds and  worlds within worlds and yes maybe it is to escape the doldrums of this existence but is that really so bad? Would it matter to you if my soul was only 30 years old or perhaps is thousands of years old?   In the grand scheme does it really matter? I will live and I will die just like anyone else.  Will i return? I joke I will return as a cat, and you can pet me and make me purr, yet perhaps it would be a true wish....perhaps this is not even real, but a product of an elaborate dream,  a nightmare we are stuck in and cant seem to escape..can you prove it? Can you disprove it?  Throw me some science and  I will be intrigued and yet when you are done I will ask can you without a doubt remove all doubt from my mind? Not really, Is this a dream, wake me up, wake me up... Caught in the maze of my own fears I run inside the hope of my own nightmare.  Is there life beyond my tomorrow, did I exist yesterday or was it simply a memory of another time and place. Perhaps logic wil win and I will be proved wrong but in order to do that  well we would not be here so thus no more question.   If we come back I hope to meet you again and that life will be awesome, and if I am wrong well lets live it up now and take each moment and treat it  as our last.

MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

My thoughts exactly ... You cant prove it and what if I am wrong so what Ill never knw if I am if that is the case...but if <br />
i am right..then I hope my next life is better than this one and without the pain of this existance...

Deep thoughts sis, but they make sense. How does anyone know what is after this life? What was before this life? We all have dreams that we are in a different time and place, how do we know that those are actually surpressed memories of a previous life? Or how about a parallel life?