Makes Sense

Honestly, it's the only thing that makes any sense to me.I find The idea of one all-powerful divine entitity a little ridiculous. In fact, it gives me the giggles for some reason. Reincarnation makes more sense to me. All your mistakes are punished, all your good deeds rewarded. And when one body gets too old, you just move onto another one. I mean, why have an eternal soul if you only live once. That is, if our souls really are eternal. Who knows?
DiaryofaDeadgirl DiaryofaDeadgirl
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2 Responses Mar 30, 2010

Would suggest you check out some books on the subject. There are some written by regression hypnotists who spell out some information from clents who have been regressed to former lives.

I totally agree with you deadgirl! I just wish I could recall past lives.. That would be helpful. I can't wait til I move on to another body! Although this one was pretty Hot :) lol take care