I Believe In God.

Posted by mytruthonanysubject Sep 15th, 2010 at 6:03AM

The reason I believe in God is because I know he exist. I feel his spirit when I am close to his. I have seen miracles, had miracles, and most importantly the miracle that makes me different from many who question FAITH. Faith is a very powerful word that separates even church going individuals. There are thousands of people who preach, teach, and belong to religion to seek God. And if you ask them they can never tell you if they do or not. They walk like zombie's and do as they are told from their leader. Even the words of God states to question his existence. I have no problem with that because I am truly a believer of his existence. I am proud to say it!. It doesn't matter to me that science has no evidence or proof, or that a church goer goes to church without faith, or that anyone believe me that I have faith. I do not exist to prove to anyone why I believe or not. What matters is that I believe. 

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what is your religion ? :)

That I have faith in God and believe in him. I don't question my belief in others. Everyone has a choice to believe or not to believe. In my case it's that I have Faith in God and his existence. <br />
Thanks for your comment.

You understand that your last statement is the most important one you've made<br />
"I BELIEVE".<br />
That does not make it true for the rest of us.<br />
Frankly, I find that a scary statement.<br />
If I don't BELIEVE along side you, where does that put me?<br />
I would really appreciate an answer.<br />
I too am questioning this whole mess

I am not inflicting my belives on you. What I am stating is that I believe in mine. Most people are afraid of the believers because they become threathening. I am not one of those people. God never intended his people to separate in so many denominations. He wanted them united. I know of his kind words and not separation. I am a good person and I practice kindness not by joining the club (church) but, by doing, acting, and behaving as best as I can. Good Human Beings is what God wants and people who remember him for his works like our parents want us to remember them if they created good children in their bloodlines. "This is how I see my God as a parent.

I think people who do't have a belief in God have no path in life. It is not a science fiction story the way every creation in this universe is working and performing. Ranging from stars, galaxies, sun etc. to, animals, birds, everything tells us that there is a creator of all these creatures. There is so much to make us believe this. And we should not feel so possessive of all the blessings with us. And it is God who teaches us to draw a line between good and bad. There is no other power that controls everything in the universe. We should be extremely thankful to God forall the blessings He has granted us and for making us the superior most creature in this world. But people here forget their creator and try to become so-called God fathers in this tiny iece of land. They forget to take care of their fellow people and think that they are super by default. Only fear of God teaches us the fair rules of life. and of course, how to live in this world. Unfortunately. human beings have started forgetting God and started behaving like animals, even worst than animals and killing each other, and doing injustice to others. They will all be answerable to God for all their deeds. May God showthem the right path...