A Bit Of Thoughts On It....i Don't Have The Time To Really Give It Full Vetting...hopefully Some Food For Thought In It.

So boundaries would have a few reasons.  

1) To protect the smooth functioning of society. "Formal" boundaries such as laws and nonreligious teachings. And "informal" boundaries such as don't pick your nose, call someone a ***** or wear your blouse loosely.   

2) To protect the mental comfort of those with weaker minds unable to defend themselves or process something they do not agree with. Some individuals in society are unable to accept change, difference or complex interactions. They want the actions to be simple so that it does not bring them to have to think or navigate an unknown situation. This would go far beyond the smooth functioning of society and into the realm of personal comfort. An example of this would be when I invited a Jehovah Witness team into my house for a spirited debate. They pulled out the bible and I pulled out the Novel "The Outsider" by Camus and "Being and Nothingness" by Sartre. We have a healthy quote and passage exchange. But they got offended at some point when I told them my books were from the word of God as well. In the end they were quite upset with me, for my thoughts and actions must have been outside of their "boundaries".  

3) Boundaries are a way to control. You can often see this with women to men. Or authority figures to lesser figures (not that these two thoughts follow each other!!). Or Educated to uneducated. A good example of this was once when I was about 16 years old, I failed to get up when a lady came over my way for an introduction. I really had not been in a lot of formal social situations so I missed the que. She was very offended. She was also very rich and powerful politically. But made sure myself and those around me were aware of my great error. Maybe this is not a boundary example, but the same principle follows. An example might be a girl leading/teasing a boy along and the acting offended when he acts. The only purpose of the boundary is to gain a feeling of power or superiority over the person.  

I would argue the only valuable boundaries are those that encourage the smooth functioning of society and that the last two are actually a destructive element to society. For the first point about boundaries is a unifying force to aid the cohesion of the collective. While the 2nd and 3rd are merely designed for individual comfort and not the good of society. I believe political correctness also falls in points 2 and 3 as well.   

When we attempt to be rigid in our boundaries we take away the growth and freedom of a culture. One only has to go back to Socrates to see an example of that. 

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Good arguments, well written. :o)

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