Part Of The Family

Most of the dogs that I have had were rescue animals. The most recent two were a Saint Bernard Pyrenees mix, and an Alaskan Husky.

The Saint Bernard was abandoned at a bar. She had obviously been recently nursing puppies, because her nipples were swollen from lactation. It was the middle of summer and the bar owner was keeping her behind the bar tied to a heavy chain. Her long hair was matted and she was filthy. After taking her home and giving her a good bath, she was so beautiful. It turned out she had heart worms, which is common with strays, so we treated her. We only had a few short years with her, but at least we gave her a happy home. She had a stroke and then died of heart failure. She did a great job protecting her family and will always be missed.

Our husky had been at a kill shelter for a few months. At these shelters, the larger dogs are usually the first to be put down when they begin to run out of room. So this might of been our Brian's fate.

I believe that we have domesticated dogs and they have been bred to rely on us, so they should be part of the family. You wouldn't put someone in your family on a chain outside and only talk to them at feeding time or toss them somewhere on a road when no-one was looking would you? Of course not and it's wrong to do this to a dog.
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Jul 3, 2011