Honestly, why have a dog if you're not going to take care of it? Dogs are completely dependent on their owners. You need to love, feed/water, bathe, walk, house, and groom them. You need to take them to the doctor too. They're like children. Most dogs with behavioral problems and the like are the result of bad owners. So... just take care of your dog. Or find your dog a new home.

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If that was the case, I'd free the dog myself... We had to make several calls before they finally did something. Then our neighbors hated us. Until my dad saved the guy's life. Then we were cool again.<br />
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Yeah, my dog will get frustrated if I have to keep him inside longer than usual (class runs late or whatever). During the summer, he loves to go potty outside. The only time he'll go inside is if I don't wake up fast enough.

Lol. Highlands, Texas. A sucky little town near Crosby.

I agree that people who have pets and don't care about them are idiots. I have two dogs and three cats and I love them all. I usually feed them before I eat. Since my children do not live with me they are my children. They do drive me crazy many times, but I just deal with it. If they do something bad it usually is because i was at work longer than usual.

no police? pure awesomeness... where did you say that was again?

We had no autthorities to call. There wern't even any police where we lived.

I used to have neighbors like that. They kept their dog outside during the winter (keep in mind these are MN winters) with a bowl of food, some hay to cover the ice the dog sat on, and a bowl of frozen water. We called the authorities. I felt so sorry for that dog.<br />
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Yeah, it is fairly common...

Yup i know all about that kind of life the sad thing is that it is becoming very common...

True. My cousin-ish's mom is like that. Poor guy. He had a horrible childhood.

We used to have next door neighbors that always left there dog tied up outside. And half the time they forgot to feed her. We'd buy dog food just for her, and throw it over the fence for her whenever they wern't out there.

Yeah but the thing about drunks is they drink they sleep some times the get abusive but mostly they sleep... And that means not taking care of anything else.

Yeahh... Unless they're freaks about their animals and love them more. I used to know people like that. Very scary...

That's why im not going to tell you. Me and my mom aren't friends. Most people know that about me but i can't remember who all that is. If you abuse your kids the same is going to happen to your animals.

Yeah... I probably would get angry. My aunt is terrible. She left her dog tied up outside during a hurricane while they left town. I wanted to hurt her.

I agree with you. Won't even tell you how my mom is unless i wanted to get you pissed and i don't...