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Santa Muerte, My Beautiful Lady.

I recently discovered my faith in Santa Muerte awhile ago, turns out ive always believed in her, just did not have a name for her until now. I am just recently starting to get to know my new faith and its opened me up and made me whole again! I am looking for others to help me grow (in a good way) and looking for others who share similar interests at heart.
christfukk christfukk 26-30, F 4 Responses Mar 8, 2012

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Santa Muerte has a rich history with Mexico. Many of the cars here in Texas have stickers of SM on their back windshield to protect them. Also, many of the migrants coming to the US have the SM necklace to protect them from the elements :)

Yeah I am not Mexican but I've been wanting to go to Mexico for years but its so unsafe there! I really would love to go to their Day of The Dead celebrations.... just to have an authentic way to celebrate my favorite goddess and time of year.... but every time I want to is never the right time. Its just bad right there with the wars and stuff sure the tourist spots could be somewhat safe but I am not talking regular stuff a tourist might do :)
Plus I do look at her as a Mexican saint but I also believe in Viking religions/Pagan religions/Aztec type religions.... she's been known by many names through the years, that's why she's one of my favorites :) she has a really rocky past some people view death as something physical but to me it means changed not physical just change. Whether its bad or good change is depending entirely upon one's life.

This was a great posting - I forgot to add that in my original post lol A lot of people (here) have decided it's only the drug cartels that "use" her for protection, but that is certainly not the case.

Yeah there's a lot of misconceptions about her... including the fact that the Catholic church came about they demonized her said there was no way she could be a St. but I disagree... she's a wide variety of things but people don't see it that way. She's even been called a devil before.. not that I would care even if she was one but I know in my heart she's not. If something doesn't judge me, I don't judge it that's my general rule for people, animals, plants, earth and entities alike, of course I am human and have judged before surely but I take a light hearted view to religious concepts because I know its not what most people define it as, death and religion is simply unknown to us, that doesn't mean it is something to fear. Death means change, not necessarily physical death :) of course like any human I still fear death but I mean the metaphysical view of death means change not literal! And I for one welcome change, if its bad, its bad but if its good change than that's the kind of change you want. Change of self/behavior/ideals can be very uplifting.
And... Cartels did start out as using her for protection and have done horrible things in fact I remember a while back they caught some of them murdering families in that area for a little while because of it but of course not every person agrees with what they do and I for one do not because I know people also forget that is just ONE version of her, there are many like I am talking about since religion first started literally thousands of other versions of St. Death... when I say I believe in St. Death I am believing in ancients far older than anyone can imagine, most people got it twisted around like that... Aztecs and Mayans were smart as h3ll without technology and they believed in multiple gods/goddesses, they had to have done something right, I mean a calendar with no official modern technology? That's pretty amazing xD
and as far as the cartels have done horrible things including murdering families in her name... I don't believe in that though, I am old school, I believe the only true sacrifice to a god or goddess and pardon if this sounds superstitious is the great self sacrifice, you have to want to give yourself to something instead of harming the great life around you, I believe its the natural order of things especially in regarding Karma... I did a skin sacrifice I think its called to her by getting a tattoo of her on my skin and nothing bad has ever come to me because of well specially my religion, things have happened that are bad in my life but most certainly not because of any one religion. So people's concepts of what is demonized and what is not is just insane and makes no sense to me.

Yea I do know that (in particular) the Catholic Church had demonized it as pagan. Anything pagan is essentially demonized by the CC lol Par for the course I suppose.

As for the cartels.......mmmhmmm....I know TONS about them as I am up to date with their activities daily (personal pet project of mine). What tattoos do you have?

Oh that's cool.. what pet project or is it top secret like James Bond xD I was just wondering! I have a Santa Muerte tattoo on my arm, she's a big one I made it that way on purpose though lol... and then I have a couple on my legs and then my upper right arm. I just love tattoos I guess I try not to but its just so hard :) I am an art FANATIC... always looking at art always! And its kind of like an art obsession I have to have it on my body permanently so it doesn't go anywhere lol.
And the Catholic church yeah your right anything Pagan or any of that nature is demonized its sad though because a lot of ancient civilizations were tried to cover up due to the extent of the church it makes me physically ill that people would go to great lengths to hide what was originally there.

haha I was referring to the cartel stuff - I'm just obsessed with it so I read a lot about it every day when I get some spare time.

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Don't know if you are still into this but, came across this in TIME magazine while getting ideas on how to decorate for Halloween thought you might enjoy.<br />
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yeah I am still into her, that is my religion. Haha I happened across the article of the Vatican versus Santa Muerte, like it was some western showdown or something. lol. I would say its funny if it wasn't so pathetic. I don't get it they had the inquisitions and the Salem witch trials, you would think we moved onto to judging others in the name of religion but I guess not.

I would love to read the whole article, if you have a link!

Monotheistic religions tend to be very judgmental. If you get a chance you might enjoy taking world religions and history of religions in college. I really enjoyed them.

I noticed that. I wonder why that is about monotheistic religions.. its so odd to me to be so judgmental being as no one has died and came back to life fully to tell us. I mean yeah sure there have been near death experiences and I don't doubt that these people tell the truth but I am talking about people who have passed away for an hour or more or even a couple days to ever come back to know for sure.

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Just like them, cheap ol' Catholic Church that withdraws sainthoods of the already canonized. They even undid Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, which then makes him a lost cause among saints. Ironyyyy!

Yeah I dont know why they do that it doesnt make sense to me, its like their scared of something for some reason. This is precisely why I believe in santa muerte is because she is not perfect and just as tempremental as a human being, in my weird state of mind thats ok where as every religion makes their god perfect, if its one thing in life to be wary of its the too good to be true scams :&gt;

good thinking (that last part about too good...)

Saint Death?<br />
Not criticizing, I have just never heard of that as a faith. So please enlighten me if you get the opportunity.

Its a faith to me, just because the catholic church doesnt recognize her as a saint doesnt mean she is not one, the church said so themselves that a person who is not perfect cant be recognized as a saint, this doesnot make sense to me as no one by nature is not perfect. And they call it a cult cos its not a mainstream belief. I choose her as my faith.

@smed its not really about death per-say its about having faith in those that have gone before you. if you ever go into a mexican barrio on the day of the dead you would understand ...

Exactly! You got it right.