Your Vibration Affects Your World

You are the attention. You are the focus. The power behind the conscious mind. The force that focuses the conscious mind. You are not the mind but rather that force that calls on the mind to focus. You are the attention. The real force behind the mind.  Without the attention nothing can be learned and virtually nothing can be done.

The force, that is our attention, is the same in us all.  It is the force in all that is and isn't. This force is concousness it is the creator. We are the creator experiencing creation.  Experiencing that which it has created.    

There is  Consciousness in all things.
Just as evolution has occurred in life it has and is occurring in 
Consciousness . Imagine the  Consciousness of a human to that of a hamster, for instance. Because of the differences in the size of the brains comes higher function. Now imagine the Consciousness of a hamster to a rock.  The same force that holds the molecules together is the same in each. The difference is that force, which I submit is Consciousness, has evolved and at some point it evolves to the point to become Consciousness aware of itself, Completing the evolutionary process.

Those who have awaken from the "dream of knowledge" see the beauty in all things. They see not the differences, they see the sameness. 
The voice of knowledge has grown in the mind of man to the point that it is a disease, a cancer that has grown to the point of being an epidemic. For the most part the entire human race believes they are separate from everything else.  Look to science you'll find evidence we are the same.  At the sub-atomic particle level all things are held together by the same force.  We have, it would seem, continued to discover smaller and smaller building blocks of matter. It was once believed that the atom was the smallest piece of matter. We now have quarks which are now said to be the smallest piece of matter. The "string" theorist suggest quarks are actually made up of tiny hair like strings that vibrate. The vibration of each string and the resulting harmonic vibration determines what the particle will become. 

There have been perhaps hundreds if not thousands of studies that show that humans are able to control their electromagnetic vibration in a great many ways; meditation, music, exposure to visual imagery.  We do this through focus through our attention.... Consciousness. We also know that when we change our vibration it effects the vibration of those around us.

Think about this if Consciousness is the force that gives form and form occurs through vibration You/Consciousness are controlling your vibration which effects all vibrations which then in turn creates our universe.

As the human race awakens from the dream of the "tree of knowledge" we are in effect completing the evolutionary process of becoming Consciousness aware of itself, Consciousness.

You are not your mind, the voice inside your head. You are not the voices that judges all things as good or bad. Pretty or ugly. Smart or dumb. That voice that never stops judging.  As this voice judges it saves it's harshest judgement for you. Who is it that the mind is judging when it looks in the mirror and says I hate myself? Clearly there are two parties involved. The "I" and the "myself".  The mind is the "I" as it judges the self. The voice was created through knowledge and it became so strong and loud while the self remained quiet.  Because the self is Consciousness and requires nothing it is simply experiencing. As the evolutionary process completes we are becoming Consciousness aware that it is aware of itself... Consciousness.

Do not be afraid.  Know that We are evolving. Both physically and consciously. We have not gone astray.  We are exactly where we are supposed to be.  The separation that the mind created was necessary.  The human race has benefited in many ways by the mind's illusion of separatism.  It allowed us to build large complex societies which through its collective knowledge saved millions of lives from disease and hunger.  The quality of life has improved dramatically for much of mankind. Unfortunately, it has also taken lives in the form of wars/genocide. Us against them. We are right and they are wrong.  We will prevail because God is on our side! The view that we are all separate sadly allowed this kind of atrocities.  It has also brought us to a technological point that we now have the power to literally destroy most, if not all mankind. But this is exactly where we are supposed to be... We are evolving. We are awakening and with our knowledge and awareness I believe we now hold the promise of creating heaven on earth... Nirvana. The completion of of the evolutionary process of Consciousness becoming aware of itself and that it is and of itself is creation.

KenStanley KenStanley
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 28, 2012

I feel under-qualified to comment on this post.Great post once again...thanks for sharing these wise concepts.

You're welcome MH. If my stories inspirer just one person to seek their own personal truth and to question the lies taught by the world of the rational mind then I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I'm glad you find some truth in my words.

Another wonderful post ... very inspiring ... thank you