Chemistry makes all the difference in a sexual relationship.

When two tongues twine, the warm sensation that overcomes us, our world stops and our only awareness is each other.

To pick up your shirt and smell your scent is all it takes to prime my body and make me want you, need you. Your scent is my aphrodisiac.

Your skins calls out to be tasted and nibbled, my mouth waters when i think about running my tongue on your flesh. My appetites awaken.

Your touch makes my breasts swell and my secret feminine place weep for you. Your shaft thickens and drips, your muscles tense and tighten.

Chemistry bids us to feast in these intimate places, to crave a taste unique to us..for us. To lap, lick and savor until we drive each other over the edge, until we beg to begin the next act..needing to fill and be fulfilled.

When we are skin to skin, all these reactions cause us to burn inside, the urgency we feel needs to be sated.

And we stoke the fires created to burn higher and brighter until we come together in a frenzy, seeking...seeking that final explosion ...our bodies giving over to each other....soaring with that final release.

Because of we clean each other from our sweat and juices, as we touch and look into each others eyes, we feel our heartbeats quicken and our breathing become uneven again...that chemistry weaves around our senses again...and we find ourselves driven by an inner need as our bodies prime to start again....

moondancelady moondancelady
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6 Responses Jan 6, 2013

your story provokes me to go and serach for that fire that may or maynot excist

It does exist, just so very rare to find.

well said

Thank you:)

There is spiritual, intellectual and physical chemistry. I think you nailed it!

Wow! That almost makes me want to take a chemistry class! ;-)

You totally nailed it with this moon.... I think without this sort of intense chemistry folks in a relationship are just buddies trying to be lovers. It might even work for some but for me.... I need that fire!! ;)

Lol..without the fire...its just a little spark that fizzles right out:)

Very sensual!