Yours + Mine = Compromise & Growth

if there's one thing i really hate, it's narrowmindedness. i believe in the right to express fully your opinion and beliefs as you see it, but i also believe in taking a step back sometimes and considering the other side.

sometimes, it seems like people don't understand the idea that no compromise = no progression. we just stay stuck in our little ruts, hollering our side of the argument so loudly, no one can hear their neighbour. it's no wonder the problems of the world keep piling right on up, and no wonder that we all feel once in a while that we're only going round and round in circles. we can't even blame the government, altho they certainly should be setting a better example! we do it all the time, to each other and to ouselves really, and don't seem to realise that standing stubborn won't always help us in the long run. sure, someone might turn to look at you and think, "are they right?" or "who is that lunatic?" but when we don't know everything, i think its best to listen to other opinions every now and then!

of course, i don't mean to say that everybody is like this, b/cos there are definitely better people than myself out there who look at everything from both sides without bias. i just wish that there were more of these people. :P

so in saying that, i am really going to actively try to do as i say, b/cos otherwise i'm just another condescending idiot hiding behind a computer screen, eh? i think we should all try, because from past experience, i've found it very interesting to really just stop and look at the world through another's eyes. so, who's gonna take the test?

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4 Responses May 15, 2007

Compromise and open-mindedness is is good, but as far as shades of grey go it just sounds too relativistic. I'm probably just reading too much into the title of the group...

What an insightful comment, i always try to put myself in others shoes before i make any comment, but recently i admit i slipped ( gee, i'm not perfect). If everyone tried to do this just imagine how the world couls change?

heheheh...don;t underestimate urself!

Can the test be graded on a curve??!! I might do better then! =}