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I Wish I Knew Its Meaning....

  I have learned that sometimes we need outsides forces - you might call them omens, intuitions or hunces -  to give us an inkling of the future as well as what it might contain. Just as a species, we are unfortunate enough to not be able to rely as much on nature to give us just warning before something happens, like the rest of the animal kingdom.

  The newest one I had happened yesterday as we drove to town. There was a brown cow alone in the field, close to the fence edging the road and right behind her, laying on the ground, was her newborn calf still wet. As we came up, an eagle that had been perched on a fence flew up and circled above them as the cow ate the afterbirth then circled down into a dry bed.

  Those that I have talked to also think that this is a sign but we are unsure of what it is. All I can honestly say that I know of the experience is that it was a wonder to see nature at work as well as it was one of those once in a lifetime events. I am going to be trying to figure out the meaning but if anyone might have an idea, I would love to hear it.

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 2 Responses Apr 28, 2009

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Thank you Karen for your tip and since I wasn't really thinking of anything at the moment I know it cannot be related to that. You are right that I need to meditate more on it to see if I can find the meaning for myself as everyone's signs translate in separate ways.

True... Nature always works in mysterious forces but I think that is why we crave it so much. There was a book that I read some time back that I cannot remember much about but it emphasized how much of nature we try to claim back without upsetting our own "world" - fountains, gardens, cultivated plants and pets or stock.... And it is true, we react the same as others but we don't want to admit it so we lose out on the "miracles" that we can see for ourselves.