He's After Me...

He's after me and a friend of mine. His proxies already got into my friend's email and we're getting binary messages and similar things. We also videotaped something that looked like The Rake but was standing fully upright and I've seen him in my room... Sorry for the crappy grammar, I'm not feeling safe right now. The proxy could be HABIT or totheark, we have evidence for both.

Please, someone help us.
TamashiiAngel TamashiiAngel
8 Responses Aug 30, 2011

Was this rake thing very dark coulored. If so your seeing the decayer rake. Im one of the four chosen people to stop slenderman. So yeah u can count on me

He's also after my friend too. You're not alone.

I'm a proxy he heheh come to the woods and ill give u a reward

Frecan slinder man he killed my gardians ok hears what you need to do if hes shown up in your roome already cary salt and iron with yiu at all times allong with holly water thst wirkes as a counter against him. If he gets any where neary you shoot him with the salt first then the iron and holly water. Contact me if you need mor help that monsters needs to be destroied but I aloun cant stop him he already killed 15 of my gardians. You need to contact a preast or a spooke seriusly along with that cary a silver blade with you that sould be inuf to cut him good luck.

Whats totherk?

My god! I REALLY hope ur just seeing things or a bully or sibling is messing with u. Can u send me that pic or rake my friend has a fanfic about it and needs a pic for the creepypasta page. Plz :)

I'm sorry what is the rake? is it like a demon or sometin?

What state?

Er, is that necessary? I don't feel comfortable with it unless it is... Sorry. But is there something you can tell me about it?

hey i see your problem i got this problem too a while ago ( 6 months ago ) me and my friend were followed but we made it to escape ... we maked a break and flew away from my homecountry to italy we stayed there for 3 weeks and more we forgot about this and since then everything is okay again. You should probaly do the same .. He gets feed by your fear so forget about him probaly you should leave to relatives a few weeks and your friend as well and try to keep away from woods thats the only way believe me it works..

My god I feel sorry for you, I was once one of his proxies but I was released? The one the looked Like the rake could be an alias of the rake as they are 4th dimensional entities...