I think we were contacted by HABIT. Everything matches up with him and he says our first trial begins soon.
TamashiiAngel TamashiiAngel
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what is this HABIT?

HABIT is an unknown entity, with the power to possess people. Supposedly, he has been in control of the worlds most dangerous serial killers such as Vlad the Impaler. The only picture relating to it is a twitter picture of a rabbit. HABIT seems to be working with Slender man.


Wrong, HABIT is a group of entity's in similar correspondence with slender man

Wrong, HABIT is a hoax.

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You say you have evidence? Is it possible for you to get it to me?

ignore it forget about it ... i know its hard to forget something like this but its the only way ... if you wont do this he gets more closer to you until then he starts to hurt people you love and then he is going to get you DON'T SHOW FEAR its the only way

That's true. Too bad I didn't see this before my friend got involved. Just try not to make the same mistake I did.