I Believe.

It used to be that whenever I became intoxicated, I would think about Slender Man & get really spooked. I don't even party anymore, but I'm more terrified of Slender Man than ever. I'm a runner & I run usually at night, & sometimes I get this overwhelming sense that he's watching me. I can see him in my mind's eye so very clearly; crouching like a gargoyle with his pointed knees jutting & the coattails of his suit flowing in the breeze. What really gets me though, is the sound. There's this sound, rather like an old metal swing squeaking & grinding its chain, & I always think that its Slender Man sharpening his claws.
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I get mild auditory hallucinations all the time, but I'm still fairly certain Slenderman is an Internet thing. Why would something that strong just wait? For real.

hi whats up? i think that you should keep safe and try to not leave you house to afton. okey

To be honest, yes. There has been an unnervingly high number of moments that I believed I saw him in my peripheral vision, jerked my head in that direction, &I not been able to visually confirmbecause he disappeared

Have you actually seen slender man? even when you were intoxicated? I am currently doing a study and anything helps.