He Wont Go Away

So at first I thought this was all a really funny internet hoax. Just a lonely troll trying to entertain himself. Until I started having dreams about him. Running down street after street, alley after alley, with Slenderman hiding behind every corner. Now I see him at night when I'm driving, in the crowds of people at work, in the woods in my back yard. I'm not sure if i believe in all this stuff about proxies and the quantum theory or the tulpa effect, but I know theres one thing I do believe in. Slenderman is after me. I've even got this stupid ******* Slender-sickness. I would've called it a cold until I saw the blood after my last big coughing-fit. If anyone else is going through this please contact me. I feel so alone right now. Slenderman is my only company tonight...
QuietHyena QuietHyena
18-21, M
6 Responses Jul 19, 2012

DUDE that sucks I'm sorry if you are still alive you are probably a proxy just saying

Too laight right well better to die in that way thean by slinder man I need mkr hollows to stop him and besides that I hope hes in a better place and not in the creves in brocken bones nebrascka with the other children hes tuken. If weDont act now hell kill all of the humans there daatvit.

I'm Joey's mother and I hate to say this but my darling died about a month after writing this. Please keep him in your prayers, he's in a better place now where he doesn't have to worry about that boogeyman character anymore.

He is not a "boogeyman", your son is with him now and he is in a higher place now

ask God for protection


I Can Help.