Slenderman Nightmare 4. (Teleporting To Different Places) + Some Bonus Facts About Roswood Park.

This is kinda starnge nightmare that I was with him (Slender) and I was teleporting to different places, those place's  were from Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve and EverymanHYBRID (Etc:) Then I woke up and thought...
I don't know why I had dreams of those places, but one thing I know I was watching those vedio's blog, it was intresting to me.
One last thing I wana tell you guys I was watching one of Marble Hornets, I sheard or seen a place called Rosswood Park so I checked that place in google map: Rosswood Park, Rosemont, CA, United States
Go check it out on google map, then type that address that I haved checked out on the google map.
Then I have noticed something on the left hand side it has comment on it, so it say's: "Well, I have to say that this place was creepy. I saw this real tall guy ..." 
I copied that comment and pasted here...
I think in Rosswood's Park a lot of people have seen that slender guy and maybe in the forest. (Rosswood Park Does have Forest's too)

Date: 24.07.12

Last comment: If you know anything about this place please fell free to leave any comment below, Thankyou.
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dont worry you will soon join the forsaken

Join? I will never join anyone... even the stupid forsaken whatever you can call it.

I'm researching about slenderman because it seems lots of people are getting dreams even before they play the game which is kinda fishy so I'll see what I can do


I've had a dream about slenderman once, he was in my bathroom upstairs and I saw him murder my dad. I also know that today, my mom told me she had a dream about slenderman when I showed her a picture of him in the game. she said he was paper thin and was very tall but slow and was all black

Make sure your family forgets about him and that all, same what I try to do but I can't... Sorry to tell you that, buddy.