I Think He's Stalking Me?...

This is kind of new to me... I'm still uncertain about, well... EVERYTHING, at this point, but if there is any possibilty that someone can tell me what I'm supposed to do, then I figured it couldn't hurt.... This is how my story started : I didn't learn about Slenderman until a couple of months ago, in December. I'd heard his name tossed around before, but I figured people were letting their imaginations run wild. I didn't really know anything about Him, though... Well, one night I went to spend the night with a couple of friends, who were surprises that I didn't know who Slenderman was. My friend, let's call her "Leniora" decided that I needed to know who he is and wanted to show me some videos by the MarbleHornets. My friend, "Justin", on the other hand, was dismayed by the thought, but me and Leniora won that argument. So, we watched. Needless to say, it scared me a LOT. Later that night, we went to the store. "Justin" lived in a woodsy part of town, so we had to pass lots of trees. I'd had a creeping sense of paranoia since we first stepped outside... A psychological response to watching those videos. That's what I tried to convince myself it was. We passed, eventually, and made it to the store uneventfully. The other two looked fairly tense when we had to go back to the house. I was pretty tense, myself. And scared, very scared. Of course, we had no choice in the matter and started driving back to "Justin"'s house. The drive through the woods seemed so much longer this time. Of course, we passed a lamppost, cause that's just the kind of night it was. We all saw the man standing there, head turned and watching us. Only MAN isn't the right word... He was TALL with crazy long arms... We all asked each other if the others saw Him, and we were all answered with "yes". We looked at each other, unsure if we should just floor it and drive by Him or just flip a U-ey and go somewhere else. When we looked back at the road, He was gone. We sped right to "Justin"'s house, locked the doors, closed all blinds and windows, then ended up falling into an uneasy sleep. Every sound woke us up... I had a recurring dream for a while after that, it was me and "Justin" driving past that lamppost, seeing him walking towards us, me being unable to move no matter how hard I tried... He was walking forward, I knew he would get me, and still I couldn't run. I'd wake up every time in a cold sweat, feeling chilled to the bone. For a while I was terrified... And then, it seems that I forgot I was afraid of him, I forgot my experiences where he was concerned. I stopped talking to Leniora and Justin not long after. I'm currently moving across the country with my cousins and we stopped at a rest area last night. I waned to go look at something by the wooded part of the area, but I was struck with some unknown terror. I couldn't figure out why, but I felt like there was someone there, watching, just waiting to get me. My cousins asked why I was so scared, as they thought I was being completely ridiculous. Without thinking about it, I replied with "I'm afraid of Slenderman". I tried explaining who He is, but they thought I was being silly... In retrospect, I guess I'm grateful they thought it was ridiculous, cause if they believed in Him, they could be victim, too... When I admitted to being scared of Slender Man, I remembered everything and started crying, which only alarmed my cousins. Since admitting it, I've been extreme paranoid, feeling like he's watching me, waiting for me. We were driving through Cali and there were trees everywhere! I kept seeing Him, impossibly long arms, no face, and all. I keep zoning and out, but sometime last night, I remember drawing Him, and the more detail I added, the closer I could feel him coming. Even now, in the day, I feel like he's watching, following...
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He is in ancient artwork and is made out of hard sand. Use fire and holy water.

I'm a little scared about this.. Slender's watched me since I was little and my earliest memory was of him.. He's never hurt me, on the contrary, he has hurt those who hurt me. But now I'm scared because I know what he's capable of. Please help!

I know you people are gonna get mad for me dissing SlenderMan but too me he's a jackass ready for a beating... I also know that you people will say that I'd run away if I ever saw him or found him stalking me, but I would be scared, scared to the unknown of his actions... But I would get the courage to stand up you know and then.... BAM!!!! SLENDER JUST got his *** kickedme aqua

I don't think he's real, and if he is I'll beat the **** out of that jackass! I'm much too free willed and I have too much strong sense of righteousness for Slender to kill me... Bring on poker face!!!

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I'm sorry. Idk t know who the rake is. Wait...was is supposed to understand that? And is slender the rake? All I know is he's following me! And I keep drawing a circle with an X for no reason! WHATS HAPPENING?

I'm sorry to tell you this, but Mr. Slenderman doesn't exist. He's just a creepypasta someone made for a photoshop-an-entity-into-a-picture contest on the Something Awful forums back in 2009.
Have a nice day.

Finally. Holy ****. This experience group is ridiculous.

When i first heard about him it was 2012 and it was about 3:42 am and i was the only one awake while my brothe,dad and cousin was asleep and my mom was at work. For some reason i walked into my parents room and looked out the window the weird thing is a have a fear of looking out the window at night and i usually dont dare looking out the window...But when i looked out the window i saw slendy with his hand rested on a tree in my yard i was in shock so i just stared for a second then quickly shut the blind and ran into my living room and my when my mom came home she didnt listen so i just stopped thinking about him now ive gotten an interest in him again...after my birth day this year i began having an intrest in taking walks at night and just spending hours outside in dark and constantly feel watched... does this mean he wants somthing because now i feel like he's there...But hiding i mean im not really scared of him just interested...

Yeah your becoming a proxy(slave) mate of him
I was one once it was awful

Really?!?! What was it like to be a REAL proxy?! What do you do?!

its probably a logical explanation or your imagination or someone in a costume playing a prank or just a night mare

Oh reallly a prank a bunch of times across the country?

Probably right. Besides, I red when you know more about him, he'll stalk you to death! But I 80% know all about him... probably.

Really... really... freaky... scary. But were at the same experience! Though I can't see him anywhere... which cheers me! Good thing Philippines is so far from US or... something. But hey! He can teleport right? Ehe... which creeps me to death! But great thing is, He doens't freaking stalk me! Which if he did, I would rather kill myself than him kill me. Obviously. But yeah! Good luck!

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I know how you feel about that stuff i have had that feeling that he is watching me too and i possibly have seen him three times just try and keep it to yourself to save the lives of others this may sound weird but its what i tell myself "its better to lose one than one hundred" and that basically means dont risc losing the live of lots of people you love it would be better for one person to die than lots.. well sorta i think you get the point not that you should die though but ya...

I found your name again. So I know your not faking. You seem desperate for answers. Me 2 .3.

Slender man is atracted to fear...And how you say you drew him and more detail you added the more you felt him...That sounds like a story i read tonight were this girl would draw slender man and the more she drew him the more detailed her drawings were the more she saw him and after drawing him many times she came back to her work and saw tht some one had added on to the drawing slender man's hand would be rested on on one of her friend's or family member's shoulder...and then something bad would happen to tht person...so first stop drawing him....2 of all trick yourself into thinking he's not real then you'll end up less and less scared and im sure he'll be gone :D

you may want to put up video camera's because there is a chance he is watching you, So put video camera's up

Friends, I hear your stories!I am here to tell you that I have looked into this for another person who contributed to this group...<br />
<br />
The being called "Slender Man" is in fact a THOUGHT-FORM, which has been generated by the thoughts and fears of the many people who believe that he is a real being who is out to get them. It seems that the more fear energy that one sends towards him, the stronger he gets with it - he is maintaining his life with this energy!<br />
<br />
So one remedy is to realize that he's just a nuisance thoughtform - created by humans of both ancient times and revived in the present; and the quickest way to release yourself from him is to not think of him... or to not think of him as a thing to fear. If you still need help with that, ground yourself to the centre of Earth with a Tube of Light going into the Earth and returning up around you, making an invincible Tube of protecting Fire. And CALL for your protection!<br />
<br />
Thoughts are things... you, too, can use this to protect yourself and nullify the thoughtform of fear which keeps that feared "being" alive - because it is not a real being in its own right (although it might try to make you believe it is, to get your fear energies back). You don't see its face because it isn't a real being! <br />
Tell it "Haha... SPRUNG!!! - and GOODBYE!"<br />
<br />
All the best with it!


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How about you stop fearmongering, Deathomega. I mean, ****, if it makes you feel better, go for the whole meditation thing.

the tall man does not need you.
He does not require dreams.
Silent wolf.

Why do you type so strange? And I don't even know how I can understand it XD lol

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when i was a kid, i used to have odd dreams about running into this creature in some abandoned neighborhood. it was like this tall black figure. i never got a good glimpse of its face. it was in every one of my nightmares. i have this dream once every year the night before my birthday. where the tall no face figure just stares at me for about 5 minutes. then when i try to run. it grabs my foot, and i can feel a sharp pain in my back. i can hear myself screaming for help. then i wake up, and its my birthday. what a wonderful birthday gift. EVERY YEAR! i cant remember much of my childhood.
in fact, i can only remember 1 percent of it.
i found some old drawings i had made when i was like 6 or something . it was the operator symbol.

god help me.

Im obsessed with slender man.........not gonna lie but i WISH i could believe in him, but everyone tells me he's fake...............its nice to know people have met him... if you see him tell him to meet me

i've seen him about three times its not fun! you dont want to meet him but i will tell him hi for you cuz i am probably a proxy :/


I saw him last night told him you said hi you might be seeing him sooner than you think

*** got to go prepare

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Hmmm well I think he is stalking me and my 2 other friends because a week ago I couldn't sleep and felt like some one was watching me and my 2 other friend said they saw him and whatever you do do not go in the woods or an abandon house ever oh yeah also have something that contains God in it that's his weakness.

So, I made this account just cause i had a dream about slender man. U know the more i think of it the more i think I get slender man. If he's a demon or a 4th demential being, he could travel brought time and space and technically be in two places at once hence all the CLAIMS of sightings of slendy.

Oh as for he paranoia, just try to read the comments and make him seem like a joke, u ever heard of splenderman or trenderman, either guy and any funy comic will help u forget something. :)

i know this might not help but at least try.. just stop thinking about him. Oh and i have this theory, use a tazer, ya the things cops carry around, if you see him taze him and ran faster then ever befor. he'll hopefully disentergrate and never return to haunt our nightmares, but then again it is just a theory....I'm obsessed with him and probably wont stop but i've never came into contact with him but i hope i wont ever

I might be a proxy, so this might be bad to know about, and this responce even might be harming. But.. From what I just read, I can say he might be following you, but I'm not quite sure why you would forget about it... And then have it all come back without him coming for you in between that all. Because normally, If you either forget about him or stop believing, he goes to the next victim. And that didn't happen with you. Interesting.

I just learned about Him 2 days ago and I really have the feeling He's watching me. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night. I'm a little paranoid, but scared to go in the woods behind my house now. I'm trying not to freak too much... but I can Picture Him in my mind right in front of me. Any tips? And I'm only 13!

You're just paranoid. Trust me. Untill you clearly see him, I guarentee that's just your paranoia.

Hes been following me for A Month now,I've told Others like an idoit and i havent slept fully in awhile.

Hugz2 is right i have seen hime three times this is nothing trust me until you see him you'll be fine dont be afraid its what attracts him

I saw him.... He looked straight at me and some of my technology started malfunctioning.

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You know I am having same story same you, I am so frightened too... I belive in your true story that you wrote it, I am having lots of stoies, a lot! And I have to survive some how before it not to late. Before that freak won't get me, I can see him somehow in my imagination's and I belive soon or later he will apear in front of me and show him self.<br />
I am warning you my friend be careful, somehow... <br />
<br />
By: 09sgegere

Really? When did you start seeing Him?

You know I have started to know about him at the video, like I was watching my friend was plaing a video game and it was called slender so I thought let me see up in google search so when I saw this I haved learned more about him and MORE, so that when my first nightmares begin... I think soon or later I will see him face to face I can feel it.

I feel the same way... I also keep going in and out of periods of time where my head feels really fuzzy and I'm not really aware of what I'm doing... Do you think there's a way to stop it?

Nope... sorry, I don't really know nothing about that. But I Will try to figure this out somehow.

It's not going to stop if your fear stays. If you wish this all to go away, just forget about it, and not be afraid.

Okay... I'll do my best, thank you :)

Yep I agree with Hugz2.

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