Slenderman Nightmare 7. (Forest Again!)

This nightmare was much horrible than I thought, the forest again... ALWAYS F*CKING FOREST with that SLENDER B*TCH!
Oh god, why? Why do I have to get those nightmares? Why? Ok... I'll tell my nightmare.
So it was like this, I was In the forest again but in different one so I had my old house out there too, Damn what the heck?
Then I went inside and no-one was there then I went to my old garden around my garden had some wooden fences, so then I saw him again staring at me inside my garden.
I had some sickness when I saw him and I ran out from the garden into the forest.
I ran up the hill and down then I stopped and saw him again staring into the tree that was weird.
And that was it, that F*cking B*stard I am so sorry for a lot of swearing in my story line or whatever it called. Anyway I am really paranoid and I can't do nothing to my self to stop those nightmares I try to forget about slender but it in my my head. I will have lots of nightmares coming soon and maybe more worse.

Date: 05.08.12
09sgegere 09sgegere
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 5, 2012

same thing is happening to me except my friend has dissapeared :/

I am so sorry... V.V

This is the harsh truth of slender, no use=death meaning"disappearing"
Make yourself useful to live.