My Encounter With An Entity

it was late and i was at school i had sports that thursday. my mum was running late. i was sitting outside the main building when i court a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. it was down by the gully. it looked like a white soccer ball stuck in a tree. so i went down to the stream and thats when it happened. i froze, then the oval shaped white object turned towards me. i couldn't breath. i did the only thing i could i ran. i didn't stop until i hit the tree line out side of my school. i didn't think of what might happened, i darted through the trees constantly looking back. and every time i did he got closer until i came to a road. before i could dart across i sore head lights. i ran to the car and screamed for help. the man driving let me in and drove me back to school where i met my mum. i haven't told anyone my encounter until now. I'm having constant paranoia and i can't sleep. i need help from those who understand. please help me
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6 Responses Aug 26, 2012

i had the same experience, i was scared for weeks, when i stopped thinking about it, it
stopped following me for a while, so the best thing you can do is stop thinking about it,
it might help,

Did you ever hear about him before you saw him?

this may be it. i saw him again today. id left school and was walking home to clear my head. as i walked past the gulley where i first encountered him. was a small postick with a circle on it with an x in the middle. this is a sign. he knows who i am and is closing in for the kill. i tried everything you said but if i forget about him he shows himself to me. like last night will not thinking about him his arm i could see resting in the doorfr<x>ame. its to late for me. but before i go. please take into note. the more you know about him the quicker he comes for you.

im stuggeling to sleep at night. evernight i wake and stare out into the emptines of the forest that lays west of my home. hes watching me and i know it. thank you for your support guys. but i cant ignore him. hes there and hes getting closer. even now sitting with my laptop. i can feel his eye,s burning into my head from somewhere. my hands are shaking everyday and i constantly feel like throwing up. i need to see a phyciatrist before i fall into insomnia.

I'm not so sure, I've been looking into this for some time trying to put everything together, can you tell me any other information that may help?

Forget about him! He feeds on belief and if you keep remembering him that's his one way ticket of getting to you! You must forget about him very quickly, it might take a few days but trust me it will work. I know how you feel and it was hard to forget him but once you do, it will be much better

Yep, he is right. You need to forget about him dude, before it not to late but I can't forget about him, I am so dead.