I Am Curious About This Legend

I have never seen "Slender Man" Or "Der Großmann" but I find this legend very interesting and I am doing research about it. The one thing I gathered, is that if you fear him, it, whatever, you give him power.. i dont know if I would want to come face to face with "The Tall Man" but I definitely would like to know more about him and his origins...
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I agree. I am very interested in the Slenderman. I've done some research on him and he's very interesting.

if you wish to locate him then I suggest you start with searching wooded areas where children have mysteriously disappeared or something like that, and you know how people say that Slenderman can change the way he looks to different people? Well there is something that I suspect Slenderman to be. Do you know about faeries? and not the sweet ones Disney has made. I'm talking about the evil faeries. This is a list of somethings faeries have been known to do:
To kidnap children
•To appear different to different people
•To have many names (keeping their true name secret)
•To disguise themselves and other things using faerie glamor (E.G. Kelpies disguise as horses)
•To eat people in some cases (E.G. Kelpies)
•To cause disease to those they encounter
•To be able to change their form at will
•To put people in a trance or put a person completely under their control
•Have odd features (such as oversized or non-existent facial features such as noses or mouths, or lack of emotion)
•Don't always have wings (and do not require them for flight)
•To be visible only to certain people
•To seemingly teleport
•To grant wishes
•Trick humans into trusting them before leading them into some sort of trap
Many of these things are what Slenderman is said to be able to do. So my theory is that Slenderman is a faerie

Please, just forget you're research. The more you know the more likely he'll come for you.

you have commented on other forums about this... I recognize your username..
Have you seen him?


What happened? Does he follow you still?

Yes. I've tried to run but he just follows. It's depressing, knowing that if you don't keep running you'l probably die. Just please dont do anymore research on him. Try to forget about him.

I have heard that also attracts his attention...trying to forget about him. I am not afraid of him... only curious. Does he frequent places with many trees? Do you know anything about his origins?

Please, I dont believe he will come after me if you tell me these things... And even if you dont tell, Im not a person that gives up interests of mine....I will continue my research regardless. But thank you for the warning, I have much to protect, he will not catch me unaware, I am quite wily, you see..he is a being from another dimension...some say he is an entity made up of energy..

Hes seen mostly in wooded areas, and i have seen him near trees before.

hmmm...do you think there could be more than one? I have heard that the general face region looks different to everyone that witnesses him, perhaps there is a race of entities from another dimension, travelling to our realm, snatching children... I have read up on some awful accounts... Have you heard of the Thief of Kuk?

Maybe, and no i haven't heard of the Thief of Kuk

one of the first alleged accounts of slenderman

Probaly slender chose his victims he often chose people with some tragedy in their lives when he starts to interests in you you will get the slenderman sickness beginning with nosebleeds , underweight and so on

I have no idea why...I have also heard that he takes children, or people in general when something bad is about to happen to them.. I know he was made up in a forum.. but people believe...that has created him.

Yep, I agree with that and that when it all started to happening to me. Those stories and nightmares, and so on...

If you are talking about that guy in black suit with no face and so on... You were saying more than one? Yep you are right, there are more than one. And it true because you can see in real life and video blogs too, but never mind abouty this comment I was just saying.

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