Slender Man Dream 1

I had this dream sometime around last year. It felt pretty real. I've had more later on.

It was late at night and I've fallen asleep. In my dream, I woke up, got out of bed, and went outside barefoot. I don't know why I was outside. I felt weird, like not myself.
Around me, there were other neighborhood kids.
From teenagers, to little kids around 6-12 years old.
We were leaving our neighborhood (I live in a cul-de-sac) and walking down a road. I saw someone really tall in the front of the army--someone that was taller than everyone else in the group. We walked by a lit lamp, and the light bounced off the back of the tall person's white head.
This dude was really tall, too, lemme tell ya. Like nine feet tall at least. And for some reason, that didn't freak me out. It felt like I knew this person personally, and also felt like he was taking us to a field trip.
We were far away from our homes now. We passed the lamp, and the light was fading away and it was soon dark again. Oddly, the only thing I could see was the tall person's head.
I suddenly knew we were heading to the park that was nearby.
I felt a shudder pass through me and I suddenly stopped walking, realizing where I was. In the dream, I "woke" up. I saw the other kids around me, who now seemed like they were in a trance they couldn't snap out of.
"Waking" up was the wrong thing to do.
Because, suddenly, the tall person turned and looked over it's shoulder.
He had no face.
Slender man.
I saw a ghost of a cold smile from him, turned around, and ran back home.

That's when I actually woke up. Breathing heavily, sweating, and feet burning. I took the covers off of me and saw that my feet were dirty.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

i like to here more of your dream maybe i can help.

Sure, I'd love to hear your advice. I'm not really freaked out by them anymore, I'm pretty much used to them because I still get them occasionally, haha. I'll post more later on, maybe.