I Thought This Was Going To Be A Brief Chuckle.. (might Be Long)

So only recently have I come to discover "Slender Man". TBH I can't even recall how I came across it. Probably when I was on a creepypasta binge. I recall avoiding the stories at first. When nothing else was new I finally read a few stories, which worked itself into watching Marble Hornets and EMH. Then I just became obsessed. Slender Man was not nightmare fuel. And then I remembered something. Now I'm not saying I'm scared. lol. Not at all. I've always been a little paranoid. Never obsessive. I don't understand why I'm so obsessed over a meme. And to be honest, 100% honest, I've sat here at the computer for an hour trying to decide if I really want to post these. Maybe I'm just over thinking things. Maybe. Then I start thinking, "they're going to laugh, they're going to make fun of me for this. These people, they're going to say I'm taking things over the top."

So now I say screw it. I've been trying to get this crap off my chest for as long as I can remember. These were all dreams I had. I had gone through and re-read my old dream diary, which I'd been documenting since I was 10 or 11. I've always had strange dreams, but I always feel the need to document them. I dream very vividly, and I can still remember dreams I had when I was 7. When I read them, I just stopped and stared at the screen.

To add a little more background, I've always loved the woods. Camping has been my #1 memory from childhood. In fact my first memory was being evacuated from Yosemite because of a huge forest fire. As my mother and I drove home, I remember seeing fire off the side of the road. It never deterred me. Still doesn't. I freakin' love the woods. I love taking the weekend off and 'roughing it' for a few days.

Anyway, I apologize for rambling, back to the point. I found these diary entries from 2008 that kind of made me wonder, what the hell was going on. Without further ado:

Apr 27, 2008

Was trying to go to bed last night… dozed off…

Startled awake by something electronic exploding near my face (like, right on top of it!!), I could hear it and feel something like a shock wave. I nearly fell out of bed, frightened. I looked around but there was nothing there!
  ----   Come to find out this was my first instance of Exploding Head Syndrome, apparently.

Apr 28, 2008


Had a nightmare last night.

I dreamed I was driving, it started to get dark, abnormally dark. I started to get sleepy but I kept my eyes open, because I did not want to fall asleep at the wheel. I blacked out anyway, and after a few seconds I came to. I think I was sitting on the side of the road. My car was nowhere to be seen. I look in front of me and start panicking, because there is something tall in front of me, with long arms, trying to reach and grab me. I couldn’t see any details, it was all shadowed. I’m not sure if it was a shadow person, or someone using & hiding in the dark. I kept scooting back as it moved closer, up until the edge of the pavement. It then felt like I hit a wall and couldn’t move back further. It got closer and I felt more trapped…and then instead of the panic…the panic was erased by a random fit of rage! As it got closer, all I could really do was lift up both of my hands….and flip it the bird on each hand. I felt that it got irritated at that point, and a second later, I blacked out…and then woke up in my bed, scared out of my mind…
Honestly even though it was scary as hell, I still kind of chuckle at my rage reaction.

May 1, 2008


Last night, not sure if it was a dream or not. The whole day I had been feeling rather bad, but I was finally tired, but I didn’t want to sleep in my bedroom. I put myself on my side, on the couch, to watch Family Guy while I dozed off, but not too long after that, the cable went out. I checked the TV in the bedroom, and it got a few stations, so I just resigned and went back there. Got kinda sleepy listening to Conan O'Brien, so I turned the TV off and tried to relax, it pretty much ended up in a session of tossing and turning til all of a sudden, I think I’m dreaming. Something is at the foot of my bed, it looks like its trying to look like something familiar, but whatever it was, failed. Miserably. It looked really f-in ugly, with big eyes and long arms (I couldn’t see its legs or feet, just torso up), and it was just standing there, resting its arms & hands on the bed staring at me. I had lifted myself up a little to see what the hell it was, but when I started focusing on it and noticing details that weren’t adding up (and confusing me as well), this voice, in my head told me ‘just lay down’. I did, and everything went black in a matter of seconds.

--I really wasn't sure whether or not to add this entry.  It still confuses me. Should I have added that?

Skip ahead 2 years. I never wrote this entry, so the month escapes me.  This is what got me thinking, once I started reading about SM.  A week straight I had nothing but the same waking dream.  Or maybe I was lucid. Or maybe I was awake.  That is still up for debate. 

I would "wake up", and see a man standing by my futon. And by standing by the futon, I mean, he was practically leaning against it.  He was tall, dressed in a suit and hat.  He also kept a pocket watch, which was out, and pointed in my direction.  I'm usually very good with my vivid dreams, remembering faces, remembering clothing, etc.  However, I either could not remember his face, or just was completely unable to see it, which unsettled me greatly.  Every night for a week, this would happen.  I was never really terrified, but confused as to why this strange individual was standing by my bed, never speaking, just watching.  I never knew what to make of it.  What did he want? What does it mean?

And now, cut back to the present (poof another 2 years), where I finally discover the urban legend that is Slender Man. I thought it was an interesting meme, for sure.  And then I started seeking out the blogs, and the vblogs, and reading the wiki. Sunday morning I woke up, and I just wanted to draw. I ended up drawing an okay slendy, though I'll admit I'm a freakin terrible artist.

Anyway, I'm sorry for this being so long. Thanks for letting me vent. And if you tell me I'm just crazy, you're probably right! lmao!

Chiiru Chiiru
Sep 25, 2012