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Greetings. I've recently become acquainted with those Slender videos and games on youtube, and found the game to be very entertaining, yet something seemed very odd to me in the back of my mind. I decided to do research, and found out about all the other legends of the past concerning this being, and now it all makes sense. I believe he IS real, and I know about a lot of things I probably shouldn't.
I know all about the Proxys, the powers he has, and what he's doing with those he kidnaps. I'm starting to think that maybe I even know too much.
Those pictures I've seen of him, the ones way too far back in time for them to be changed, that form looks so familiar to me, somehow, and im afraid of it, but at the same time, that "man" interests me. He piques my curiousity...and even looks somewhat inviting.
That's probably what he's supposed to come off as though. Makes it easier to get targets. My question is WHY though? Why is he gathering these souls to his side? Just WHO or WHAT is he, really?

I simply have to find out. I am looking for anyone who can help me to gather more information concerning this being known as Slender, der GroBmann, the tall man, the pale one, etc. I want to know more about him before anything could possibly happen.
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If trying to prove us true believers wrong is what you are trying to do, then I encourage you stop posting false information about him. Some of us have truely felt the presence of the Slenderman and have encountered him multiple times. Posting things such as this is insulting and rude to the people that do believe, such as myself. I would very much appreciate it if you would stop posting things like this so some of us trying to do research on the subject can do so without using false information.

I've found that slender is only kidnapping kids and not many adults and even thoes its becues they see him so one of my questions is why why kids out of adults and tenagers or am I the only o e that finds that intresting

I've been researching Slender man for some time now. We should share our research. It's not often I encounter another researcher like myself.

Slenderman is very fake. There is no such thing as a guy with just whiteness on his face. Slender: The Eight Pages, is a stupid game just to scare innocent kids, and I don't like it. My little cousin was scared half to death (this event happened about two months ago) and STILL sleeps with his parents sometimes. Your story is quite interesting, but FYI, this guy's not real.

And that is exactly what I want to prove to not only myself, but to others. I have to make sure, for those who actually DO believe in it wholeheartedly, that this is not real.
This is part of my own side project.