I Want To Find Him

I want someone to tell me how to find The Tall One. I have to have answers to the questions I have about him, and it's the only way.
How can I find him?
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You want to find slender man become a proxy and then ask him

Go In The Dark Woods

Has there been any sightings around virginia??

i want to kill people in clean way so no one will knows and i can make a fake crying infront of the victims too i make it clean ya know!*howl~!*

I believe in slenderman I want to be a proxy

Do the proxy ritual if you do not know what the ritual is look it up

u have to go into the woods at night then sing the slenderman song then say the pledge of a proxy three times.and u can't be afraid of slenderman

and i'm going to look for him this tuesday to see if i can be a proxy

oh yeah can i just hum for that song well u know i not quit good in singing that song

a pladge of a proxy?never heard of it and does slendy really have brothers and sister?

My friend, i believe in slender man too. But the most people think he dont exist and your part is go to the woods with a flashlight, a cam and zigarrets ( exept u r a smoker like me) and sing the slender man song. I find him one times. Im a Proxy. Maybe we see us ;). I hope he dont kill u. ( except i get the order to kill u, its not ur fault) i hope u survive.

With greedings from germany

Dude u r not a proxy.
Because slendy doesn't let u have computers in his manchon.

I'd like to talk to him. Maybe I could become a proxie. I love to kill.

I feel like my brother is Slenderman, He hella tall.

He is not a fake, I assure you. I have personally seen him many times. Many of his proxies or helpers, even other creepypastas, are real as well. How do I know this? Well, BEN Drowned killed my friend, I saw Slenderman, and Jeff is stalking me... he might even kill me. If you do not believe, I warn you to be extra careful, for he does not like non-believers.

I believe in the creepypasta's and try to summon Jeff every night. I put my heart and soul into it but, he still doesn't come. What am I doing wrong?

How do u summon him?

U like him so much you scare him. That or jeff just don't wanta come.

Or maybe he thinks you clapped

I do think I believe.

U r a liar. I hat liars!!!

Well then, what's your proxy name.

i wanna find him if i've turn 20 i'll go in to the oakside park forest from day till night if he really found me i guess

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Sorry, but Slendy is fake. And even if he was real, what's so attractive about meeting Slendy/becoming a proxy just to get questions answered?

I live in England,Portland (where the Olympic sailing was held last year) theres 2 woods here but i never really go in them but im dying to be a proxy so which woods do i go into

Try the woods oh don't look at him kneel down pledge your loyalty and allow him to read your mind(just some tips I learned i want to me come a proxy)I've studied him for about a year or so and there's always talk of a tree that's bigger than the other trees in the forest so that might help to one more thing if you have slender symptoms that's a sign he's coming. I hope this helped

How do u get him attention (in a good way)

How do you become proxy

Close to midnight walk deep into the forest take a well known path if you feel sick and your light flickers come to a complete stop and close your eyes very tight do not open your eyes no matter what he will ask u questions answer them honestly if he finds you fit he will mark you and then you are a proxy

I am looking for him to, PM me and we talk, ok?

unable. You're a minor

I live in pensacola Florida where do I find him?

You could try the adirondack mountains. He tends to stick to large forests with many trees, though.

I live in the adirondack mountains. But, I live in dannemora, N.y and there are small woods. Will I still find the tall one if I look out of my window?

Depends. Is your house right nest to the woods, or are you some ways away from the woods? Being closer to the woods increases the chances of seeing him. However, he has been seen in towns and villages (Note the fact that I didn't say cities) Dannemora, NY is a village, right? You could see him if you looked out your window, but I can only roughly determine where he's going to be. Even if you travel in the woods, you may not find him, but there is a chance. Luckily for you, you live in the part of Upstate NY where there's some forests. In Albany, especially where I live, most of the woods are private property. Best of Luck.

There's a small forest outside my window. I tried to summon Jeff and, there wasa mirder in Plattsburgh the same night

I'm 20, am I able to be a proxy. I've had a horrible past and thanks to my real parents, I have a traumatic brain injury so, I'm 15 mentally

I believe you are. Don't worry about your age and mental age.

Yes! Um, how do I know if master slenderman likes me? I see him in my dreams and every time I close my eyes. I'm also getting headaches

I actually don't know. There's little I can do when trying to find out his emotions.

Are you a proxy of his?

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I want to find him to, maybe we can help each other

perhaps we can. Message me so we can talk further.

To find him, you need I believe in him. Be a dreamer that REMEBERS dreams and nightmares. Go to wooded areas and stuff.

I can't have nightmares. Even as a child, I've never had on. True before I wanted to be a proxy, I would have dreams about killing people and very dark stuff but never nightmares. I can normally remember my dreams but now, I can't. Also, do daydreams count?

I want to find him too :(

you dont want to become a proxy. trust me. i was one once

you don't just STOP being a proxy....there must be more to it than that

your right. it was a long hard process. and in the end i ended up losing something verry important to me.

and what would that be?

My post proxy memories

well, how exactly would that be important? You do not remember being a proxy, so how is that bad?

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I'd recommend not looking for him. He'll ruin your life and hurt everyone you're close to. And you don't find him, he finds you.

Ruin my life? My life has been a piece of **** anyways, so who cares?
Besides, I have questions that need answers, and if that means I have to become a damn proxy to do it, then perhaps that's what I need to do.

You and I are the same. Perhaps we shall meet each other. I was raped and my parents called me a lier and said I wanted to have sex! Those bastards know about my mental health issues! Also, they love to yell at me

Ok, but if you need any help or advice, don't be afraid to ask.

Very well. Thank you for the offer.

However, there is something I found out. I believe Slender is, is actuality, a Tulpa being. A thought-form humanoid, born of the thoughts and fears of humans. What other way is better to create such a being than the internet? Those Something Awful forums made him as part of a contest for creating paranormal images, and not telling the general public, making them believe it was real. So, it makes sense. Tulpas can grow out of control dramatically, and eventually take on their own personalities, actions, powers, and forms. Slender could simply be a tulpa that grew far too strong and has his own power now....and if he isn't by now, then he soon will have enough energy to become real, roaming the mortal world as an unkillable being.

The picture was actually based on old "legends, folklore and myths" such as Clutchbone and so on.

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You know what I'll tell you? I think you are the same person as me...
becuase that what I am planning in future like to find him and...well I am not going to say what actully I will do, but I don't know what are you going to do when you will find him.
Anyway I can...give some name of a places where that creature is.

that would be appreciated

Well let me give you one place which called: Rosswood Park, United States
I can give a link from Google map: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&tab=wl
But I think you should know this place already,that where I soon will visit.

I live right beside rosswood park..

You live there? Seriously?

yes,because when I look at the link in the map it shows the park is near my house

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