I'm Confused.

Well, I was talking to my best friend about Slender Man, I was telling him that I want to find him, and then, he said to me: ''Last year, I remember you said that you have seen a tall man with no face, in the middle of your room'' and then, I remembered...Yeah, I had seen a tall man, but it was really him? I didnt even know about him last year...so I'm confused...but I really want to find him!
SunsetGiirl SunsetGiirl
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

A little while ago u asked me if I could help you find him. Thats not how It works. You dont find him. He finds you, and when he does, there's nothing for you to do but run. But o can help you. Cope you through the never ending insanity that you are going of go through. Need anything, msg me.